Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blame It on Susan Branch

How many of you love Susan Branch?

And how many of you visit her blog?

Yes!  I see those hands out up there.  No blurting - ooops, the teacher in me came out.  

I adore Susan and have for years - ever since I stumbled upon her Heart of the Home cookbook.

Well visiting her blog makes me feel like I'm visiting with Susan.  She is so charming and her home is so welcoming.  

And there was one thing that kept catching my eye.  

I had to do a little research to find out more information about it and I discovered this thing had a name.  A pattern you see where I'm going with this?

It's Susan's dishes!  I'm obsessed with them.

The pattern is called Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers.  

Wanna' see what I've scooped up for myself so far?

A few dinner plates, 

4 cups, 3 saucers,

  and a plethora of bread plates!

Looks so pretty on my mom's dining room table (that's now mine).

Pretty on white linens.....

lovely on blue linens......

and gorgeous on red!

So - can I blame this obsession on Susan Branch?  

You know, I think she'd understand.

Thanks for buzzing in!
And thank you Susan Branch for being such a wonderful inspiration!

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  1. These are gorgeous!! Susan Branch has beautiful creations!! I would want to eat dinner on these beauties every night!! ;) xo Heather

  2. Oh I love Susan Branch! These dishes are fabulous. I want some now :)

  3. I love Susan Branch too and she does seem like such a nice, down to earth person. I have bought her calendar the last couple of years and I have 2 of the Rose Chintz plates that I picked up somewhere ~ they are very pretty and they go perfectly with your table!

  4. I love Susan Branch's stuff too - I remember seeing her wonderful recipes and pictures in Country Living magazine back in the 80's - I wish I had kept them!

  5. Dishes are good therapy...I would say cheaper too, although, I don't know, if you add them all up...I know, I AM a dishaholic....and I like it!

  6. OH YES they are gorgeous! AND although I certainly have LOTS of dishes, THIS IS ONE that "I KNOW I'll be adding sometime SOON"!!! Love it and OH YES they do look gorgeous on your Mom's table...
    Thank you for the temptation!
    Have a wonderful weeks end,

  7. it's my turn to be jealous!! I love the dishes!!!


  8. This is amazing... I am finding a whole blog world of Rose Chintz lovers! Please check out this post from January on my blog!

    I love Rose Chintz. looks like you have scored some great pieces!


  9. I noticed them too on her blog! I've been a big fan for years. Have all her books. And now lucky you! You have her dishes. Mimi

  10. I love Susan's blog too, and I have been coveting those Rose Chintz dishes for years! Love them every time I see them. Lucky you:>)

  11. I love susan branch but have not visited her blog I am off to see her.
    I love your dishes they tend to be very pricy so I am sad to say I have none.

  12. Those are so pretty. I'd snatch them up too if I ever came across some.
    Have a lovely day.

  13. Gorgeous finds! Enjoy them!

  14. Such cute dishes. Love Susan's blog too.

  15. I just checked the box that says 'make me a latte'. I have no idea what will happen but I'm laughing and laughing! I just got a cappuccino maker - I've only had one good decaf cafe mocha latte since Borders went out of business!

    I've LOVED Susan Branch and her cookbooks for years, now, but have only just discovered her blog. She feels just like home and is so inspiring! You've expressed exactly how I feel, too. =]

    And, those dishes - yes! I've been loving them, too....and, her stove! and, her garden and her Beatrix Potter collection and....she's just a bucket of inspiration!

    Now, I just admire how you're going for those dishes. My husband won't thank you for inspiring me in that way but I surely do! =D

    Time for a latte!


    Katy xxoo

  16. I'm not familiar with Susan Branch. Seeing your pretty dishware means I'm gonna have to doing some checking!


  17. I love Susan Branch cookbooks but have not visited her blog. Best change that don't you think? I have seen and love these dishes. Did not realize they were hers. Your collection is off to a great start. I would love to find a few. I have a new link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love if you shared this!

  18. I've had those dishes for a few years now -- I love them. I've scored some of the old ones at various antique malls (and, but you can find the newer ones at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc. I also combine them with similar patterns.

  19. I love Susan! She is such a sweet inspiration!
    I also am looking for these dishes-Penneys catalog used to have them-but not now when I want them-happy to hear @ TJ MAX- will have to keep an eye out.
    I have started a old teacup collection and am having great luck at the Goodwill! Cheryl

  20. My hand is up. A friend of mine has a whole set of those dishes. I heart them.

  21. Oh yes! so pretty! I would be happy to have all those pretty dishes! I will have to check out Susan's blog.

  22. Oh yes, I do understand the obsession and gladly take the blame! So happy for you! Those dishes belong in Sweet Bee Cottage! I use my Rose Chintz every day; they are so cheerful! And guess what? I just bought a whole gorgeous set at a yard sale!! Which never happens. Since I already have mine, it's just about to go up for sale in the vintage section of my web store . . . in case anyone is experiencing pink dish lust. I keep my eye out when I can. Joe and I are leaving to go to England on the Queen Mary II on May 4th. For two months. To gardens, tea rooms and to Beatrix Potter's house. Love to invite you all to come along ... dish people are perfect for a trip like this; we'll be touring the Emma Bridgewater factory, going to flea markets . . .My blog is turning into a travelblog for the next two months. OK, kindred spirits, have a wonderful day!

  23. Wow... they are gorgeous dishes! ! I have never heard of Susan branch but I will surely go check her out now.

  24. I didn't know Susan had dishes in her collection. They are old looking!

  25. Rose Chintz is such a pretty pattern, but Johnson Brothers produced so many gorgeous patterns. Just fyi...they are transferware. The color (green and periwinkle) that you see is hand painted and underglaze. Thought you might like to know if you didn't already!

    Enjoy your new found love! =)

  26. Those dishes are very pretty. And I love Susan Branch's delightful drawings. Congrats on winning Heather's lovely giveaway. Best wishes, Tammy

  27. This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

  28. I had to purchase those dishes, as well! I have a growing collection of Beatrix Potter figurines, ...and ...well....she just inspires me in most of my home making projects (including paint colors;)
    How wonderful that she replied, herself!
    Love your blog...


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