Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Cardi Addiction

First off, what's the correct spelling?

Cardy?  Or cardie?  Or should it be cardi?

Well, no matter, I can still write about one of my obsessions.....

(If you follow my What a Sweet Bee Would Wear board on Pinterest, you might have already picked up on that.)

So.....due to a lack of creativity on my part (even over my Spring Break) you get to see my cardi collection in all it's glory and I get to refold them and put them away more neatly than they were.
Cutter Bee was over and she had the brilliant idea to spread them out like this.

We counted 21 cardigans.  (She called me a cardi hoarder!  Can you believe that?)

Here's the obligatory overhead shot.

Baby Bee might not be the only one with an aqua/turquoise/lime green thing going on.  

I count 5 cardies alone that fit that color palette.
Teacher Bees?  
Are you getting tired of seeing me in these colors????
I hope not 'cause I'm addicted to these!
This one's a particular favorite and I only wear it during spring!
Cherry girls?  
You know you love this one.  Pretty soft green with cherries!  
(I have to confess - it's Quacker Factory from QVC!)
And here's another particular favorite!  It's such a soft lavender with ribbon embroidery all over it.  This is a picture of the sleeve.  Isn't it sweet?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my tour of cardigans.
And - double bonus here - if you come over for a latte or a nice dinner and you get a little chilled (61 year old houses are known for this), I might let you borrow a cardi.  (Just not the cherry one!) 


  1. Cardigans are the best!!! And what fun colors!


  2. Oh you cardi hoarder you! I like your color palette and the cherries.

  3. Love the cardigans! I too have a thing for cardigans. Last time I counted I think I had about 20 something - most from Lands End. I love all your aqua ones. Somehow I ended up with multiples in that color range too- you have great taste! LOL

  4. Who doesn't love a cute cardi? Such fun colors too. I have my own obsession with them. I actually bought 2 identical sweaters, same color and all. and didn't realize it until I cleaned out my drawer. I am so happy to know I'm not alone.
    Blessing to you.

  5. Oh yes! Love a cute cardi!
    Love all your cute cardigans!

  6. I'm addicted too! Now I'm wondering how many I have! Hahahaha, I've never counted:)


  7. Oh so pretty! Love the colors and the embellishments. As I have become a bit older and my temp fluctuates a bit more I have begun collecting cardi's too. They are the perfect layer and dress up even a pair of jeans nicely.

  8. I don't have as many or as pretty ones as you but I like them too.

  9. There is nothing better then a cardigan.. I have all mine hung in a row in my closet, love them. You go on with your cardi love!

  10. Sweet Bee, I love your header and your cardis'. I thought I recognized an Eddie Bauer one in the stack? I have a stack on my neatly folded. But where to put them?? I've run out of space. Your post encouraged me that ...its ok to keep them, all. love you for that!

  11. I am right there with you!! I love cardigans of all sorts!! II think I have more than actual shirts to wear under them! Ha! Love all your pretty colors!! ;) xo Heather

  12. If we're counting cardis, do we have to count out of season as well? Or just what's hanging in our closet at this moment?

    I'm not sure if I'm up to 21 but I do believe I'd be darn close. (I refuse to count!)

  13. Oh, I love all your cardigans, but I especially love the one with the cherries. I love cardis, too, but I also love my pullover, too. Right now, I'm wearing a yellow cable! If any guests get chilly at our house, they get a sweatshirt!

  14. Can I at least try on the cherry one ... pretty please? LOL I love cherries as much as you do. I missed this one on QVC.
    Seriously I don't think you can have too many cardi's! I wear them all the time. I adore all your colors.
    Big Hugs,


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