Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Rednesday Jaunt Outside....

Gorgeous weather today!  A bit chilly, but you could see the foothills so clearly!

Thought I'd take you outside and show you some reds around the front yard.
I know, I know.  This little sign is a rerun.  But I just love the scallops, the little punched edge, the black and white gingham ribbon.......sigh..........it cheers me so. 
Cute little Mary Engelbreit garden flag out by the corner of our Picket Fence Garden.  I used to have this hanging outside my classroom door, but when I had to move classrooms a few years ago, I couldn't hang them anymore, and so it came home to live with me full time.
(Note to self - Kitchen Garden bench needs to be repainted.)  Got this long pillow from Pottery Barn a few summers ago.  I leave it out year round (yeah, don't look too close - haven't done the annual spring spruce up yet) and we usually have some plant hanging from the shepherd's hook, but not yet this year.
This is my amazing stump that I turned into a mosaic side table.  I still love it, but it could also use a nice refresher.  You can read all about when I originally made it here.  I think it's done pretty well for being outside full time.  
Look!  A Valentine's Day decoration I forgot to put away!  This is over by our kitchen door which we hardly ever use!  I promised myself this year I would not forget to check out there before putting decorations away, but apparently I break promises to myself.  Just ask my treadmill.
And, last but not least, is Sam and his bell.  (Would he pose for his picture for you?  Does a cat EVER pose for its human?)

Well, Happy Rednesday to you!  Hope you're enjoying a bit of springy weather and if you're not, I hope you get to enjoy it soon.

And, yes, I know I promised words of wisdom for my 402nd post (which this is), but you'll have to wait for 403 now.  I'm sure great wisdom will have enveloped me and I will share with you then.

Speaking of 400+ posts...hop on over to this post if you want to enter my little giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can buzz in again!
Buzzing over to Sue's for Rednesday!


  1. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty reds. Especially loving that long pillow on the bench. :)
    Thanks for the tour.
    xo bj

  2. Love the stup to table idea and that PB cushion is lovely.
    Carolyn xx

  3. Well, of course the Welcome sign is a rerun: It's there to welcome friends back over and over again!

    Brilliant Red Flowers

  4. I love the scallops too! The stump mosaic is absolutely awesome. I wish I had a stump like that. Very creative.

  5. Hello
    A Rednesday Jaunt Outside....
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    Thank You

  6. I love all your reds! I think you have a lovely outdoor space and I like how you jazzed it up. Love the bench with the pillow, pop of color red of course looks great. Love the flag too. Happy Rednesday, sorry I'm a little late but gone yesterday. Happy Spring too.

    The French Hutch

  7. Happy Rednesday! Oh my, you have the sweetest things! I love them all, but the idea to make a mosaic on a stump? That is great! Love it.

  8. Oh wow- love the bench just like it is!
    We are getting into Spring here, too. Love all the reds...
    Happy Belated Equinox to you!

  9. Sometimes just the small touches is all you need. I like your ideas.

  10. What a lovely blog you have. Your photos show some beautiful, creative items. I especially like the scallop sign. I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you!

  11. Well that was a fun walk around! i love your bench and wonderful pillow!

  12. A pop of red in the garden is always a fabulous idea. That picket fence looks whimsical. I love it!

  13. Caroline, your stump table is adorable! I love coffee, too!

  14. I love all your little touches of red here and there! Red is such a cheerful color! Just like you! Hugs, Maryjane

  15. Love all your reds! The ME banner is adorable. Sam is a cutie :)

  16. Love all your garden reds ! Happy Spring !


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