Sunday, March 11, 2012

When a Bee Goes to an Estate Sale

A few of us bees headed out to an estate sale this weekend!  I didn't make it the first day to the sale, but Worker Bee and I went on Saturday and then Sewing Bee and I returned today to see if there were more treasures to be had.

And, buzz, buzz, buzz – there were!
 My vintage bee antenna went off over this cute rolling pin.  Not in perfect condition (some chips on the end of one of the handles) but I LOVED the color!  
I don't know if that cork will come out, but it is just so great!
Then I found three of these jam jars on Saturday and three more today!  I love them for candles but they would be cute for desserts or small sides dishes.  
For $1 I got this collection of records.  I didn't buy it for the records but for the folio.  Won't this make a great 4th of July decoration?
 Love those little stars!
I also got a ton of linens - from vintage sheets to tablecloths, to hankies to dish towels.  I need to wash them up and decide what to do with them too.  You know I really want to learn how to sew better this summer and these might make some darling little buntings or pillows.  Or something else?  Do you have any crafty ideas?
Found some sweet chintz tea mugs.  (These might head for my etsy shop - have to think about it.)
 And then this cute little purple glass ink bottle. (At least I think it's an ink bottle.)
And now...........
yes a pause would be appropriate here........
you might want to wait with bated breath.....

Ta da!
 A box of vintage Christmas ornaments!!!
With vintage Christmas light bulbs as a bonus!

(should I tell you how much I paid for them?  probably not, it might make you cry)

I can't wait to see if I have enough to make one of these beauties....

Thanks so much for buzzing by for a visit.  
It's turned gray here again and rain is hoped for by the end of the week.  Sure hope we get it because we need it.  Next weekend I have to work in my kitchen garden or I won't have fresh herbs and veggies this year.  
Trying a new recipe onion tart with beef and blue cheese that I found in a magazine.  (I'm a huge fan of blue cheese.)  Doesn't that sound yummy?  (Worker Bee isn't sure, so I'll let you know how it goes.)
Must work on report cards too!  Those go home on Friday, so I'll be a bit busy!

It was a treat to see you!


  1. I cracked my knee on the table in excitement when I saw your Christmas baubles--what a great find!!!!!!

  2. Wow! I was going to comment on the rolling pin, then the baubles, then the's just too much! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. You got some great deals at the sale! Love everyone and I love to get find linens, etc. You can do much with the linens!
    Have a good week!

  4. Oh what treasures you found. I can NOT believe that box of vintage ornaments. Especailly since you didn't make it until the 2nd day. I hit an estate sale Friday and I sweat everything flew out of the door so fast. We do not have an awful lot of them around here. Maybe that's why. Would love to hear how your new dish turned out.

  5. What a great Estate sale to be able to go back. I love that wreath's beautiful. Great finds.

  6. What a great haul!!! I want to come with you next time you shop estate sales!

  7. I was enjoying everything you got... then the ornaments!!!! LUCKY you! This is just what I'm on the look out for at every estate sale (like I need any more)!

    And I laughed at the record... I thought I was the only person that bought vintage records JUST for the folio or wrapper! I just picked up a kids record at the thrift store because it had a bunny... an Easter sort of bunny on it :)


  8. Oh my goodness, what wonderful finds...I love estate sales. The Christmas box is amazing, how fun its going to be to make a wreath.
    Have a sweet day full of sweet moments, Elizabeth

  9. That's a HUGE box of ornaments!

  10. I picked up that rolling pin and put it back. Aren't you glad? I bought some bobbins and a mini rolling pin and that was all. Maybe it was karma that I thought it was cute but it went to you?!

  11. You found some real treasures! I'm on the lookout for some vintage Christmas ornaments, too. How wonderful you found a whole box of them. Have a great week.

  12. What great finds!! I just love estate sales!! :) xo Heather


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