Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Bee-utiful Bridal Shower

My poor friend.  
You don't know how many times I've called her bridal shower a BABY shower!  I keep telling her that if she hears any rumors about her being pregnant it's all my fault.

But seriously we just had a lovely Baby Bridal Shower here at Sweet Bee Cottage.  Well, just might be a stretch because it was at the end of September and October is almost over.

Our weather in September is usually pretty nice and so it was when we had the shower - it was about 85º F
(that's about 29º C for all my friends outside the USA)
so we had it out in the backyard.  My friend and I hosted it.  She was in charge of food and I did decorations and dessert.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but you know how you just get into having fun at the party and hostessing it and I forgot.

 As the guests walked out onto our patio I had my meemaw's
(spelling? afraid she passed away before I was born so I never knew her)
gate leg table set with beverages.  We used mason jars
(that the lovely bride also used at the wedding)
and we had iced tea, iced coffee, and water.  Guests could add different sweeteners – plus I made some simple syrup – half & half, or lemon and lime wedges to their drinks.  
 I made the iced coffee recipe from Pioneer Woman and it was fantastic!  I need to make some more!!!
There's my shadow!

Of course, I had to use my beeskep drink dispenser!  The stool it's sitting on is one I just happened to have stashed in the garage and it fits on it perfectly!  Don't you just love when that happens?  Serendipity I call it! 
(I think others might call it hoarding.)
For favors Baby Bee dunked store bought biscotti 
(Hey!  I work full time and I baked a lot of other things – don't judge me – as Baby Bee tells her father and I all the time.) in yummy dark chocolate.  We put them in some adorable little bags I bought on etsy from the Party Fairy
  (great service and quick delivery and no she isn't paying for the shout out).  
Worker Bee 
(trooper that he is) 
spray painted all the clothespins navy blue the night before.  We also had more little wood "cookies" that I put labels on.

 I used an old matelasse coverlet as a tablecloth for the gift table.
 We ended up renting round tables and chairs.  The tablecloths I had from a party I threw about 15 years ago.
(It's not hoarding if you actually use them again.)
They are queen size sheets that Sewing Bee hemmed to make them square.
(Sew, -yes, pun intended - if you ever need a LOT of fabric and price is an issue - buy sheets!)
Aren't they cute?
Each table had a different set of white plates.  Most were mine, but I had to borrow a few from Sewing Bee.

Now the orange napkins you might remember me going on and on about in several posts.  I got those on clearance at World Market for $5 for a bundle of 6 napkins!  What a deal!!!

 My favorite part of the decor was the little bunting I clipped to our string lights on the patio.  I just made it out of scrapbook paper that I glued together and then clipped them to the light string with more of those clothespins Worker Bee painted.
 Did I mention he also painted the frames on my chalkboards too?  Boy am I lucky to have him around to help!  
(And don't worry, he doesn't let me forget how lucky I am!)
 I made the desserts.  We had heart shaped peanut butter cookies inspired by this pin, mini pumpkin pies inspired by this pin, and s'more cookies inspired by this pin.  Why yes, it was quite a pinterest party!

Hope you enjoyed coming along to the Baby Bridal Shower!

I had so much fun getting ready for it and trying to take care of all the details.  Have you noticed I'm a wee bit of a detail person
(and control freak - but that's for another day)?

Thanks so much for buzzing along with me!
And no one has quite guessed my big news yet - although knowing about the Herdmans was quite close.

Here's another hint.....

It will all be happening in this brand new building in my little town!


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  1. Your shower looks just fabulous and I'm sure the honoree was delighted with your attention to detail. I loved your line, "It's not hoarding if you use it again!" I think I can identify with that!

  2. Bridal shower, let's be perfectly clear. I like your point about it's not hoarding if you use it again, and the party looks like great fun and was full of creative ideas.

  3. Everything looks adorable! and so creative.....I loved seeing everything. I can only imagine how much work went into that wonderful Bridal shower. Memories last a lifetime! You gave your friend the ultimate gift....=) thats what I think. My daughter took me to an outdoor spring garden party with tables outside and all.....I still remember how wonderful it was. Have a great day!


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