Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Funny Valentine (Exchange)-Part 2

I promised yesterday to post on the delights that Lynne sent to me but I got a pinched nerve.  Can you imagine?  I am just getting over this nasty cold and then I pinch the nerve in my right shoulder.  It's very painful.  The last time this happened was Christmas of 2004.  Well, I'm doing better today - I slept all night with my heating pad and took plenty of advil and I'm hanging in there.  I'm even feeling good enough to post again!  Yeah!

So, getting back to Lynne's Box of Wondrous Delights....

Can you believe how she punched out Starbucks bees?  My heart started getting that I'm touched feeling before I even opened the box.  

Once the box was opened there was multitude of cuties to open.....
Do you see this vintage sheet music?  It's all about bees!  How perfect!

Then Baby Bee had all sorts of fun things to open.  She kept saying, "This is just the nicest lady ever!"  She was a huge gigglefest!  It was a joy to watch.  Thank you for that Lynne.

Then there were little crafting delights....

I am going to have so much fun with all of those!

Then there were all the heart shaped treats and the Mary E. tin and frame.  Love them!

Clearly she has read my blog!  Chocolate pudding!  The BEST comfort food in the world!
There were even more things I missed getting a picture of - like the espresso candy.  Delicious!

Thank you so much Lynne for my first ever swap.  It was so much fun!  And thank you for becoming my friend.  

And thank you my blog friends for stopping by and just making my day for leaving a kind comment.  


  1. I hate it when I get those pinch nerves..mine is always in my left shoulder..not much you can do tho...the gifts were soooo cute..she seems to really know your taste!! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Cindy from Texas

  2. You are one lucky gal! What great swaps you received! I'd love to hear about how this swap began!

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I sleep with a heating pad every night. I had so much back pain lifting Amber out of her wheelchair so many times during the day ...only if I could just do it another day :(
    Thanks for your sweet comments.. they do make me happy!
    I love all of your Valentine pretties!
    Some time I want to hear the story of how you became Sweet Bees!

  4. What great things, lucky you!

  5. What pretty things you received! This was a wonderful experience, wasn't it?

    Happy Valentine's Day,


  6. Wow you hit the jackpot :) So much fun! wasn't this a fabulous swap? Have a happy Valentine's Day full of LOVE and laughter!
    luvs and glitter

  7. Hi Janelle.
    This was my first on-line swap too and I had just the best time!
    All of your fun "Bee-utiful" things were obviously chosen with care. How great is that!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Some days are diamonds

  8. Many clever items! You can tell she surely got to know you. My first swap and I loved it! Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  9. I think we should all encourage Lynn to start a blog!
    She is so creative in everything she sent you!

    Is that a cherry heart frame??????
    I love it!!!!!

    Thank you so much for joining my swap!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  10. Hi...I think I am new to your blog. Love it! You must be loving shopping right now because I see bee items all over the place!! Have a wonderful week and I will visit again soon!

  11. oooh what cute and fun stuff!! pudding.. yum!!! you got one great package:)


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