Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sewing Bee's Birthday

The Sewing Bee recently celebrated a significant birthday.  She wanted to celebrate at the beach, so the Sweet Bees and the Wood Bees packed up our cars and headed out to.....

We found a delightful loft up the narrowest stairs I've ever seen for Sewing Bee, Baby Bee, Reader Bee, and Cutter Bee to share....

A sweet little room for Wood Bee and Counting Bee....
Another one for Worker Bee and Sweet Bee....
The teeniest, tiniest kitchen ever, but perfect for our little weekend....
A cozy dining room (with espresso maker!)....
And a breathtaking view.....
We all agreed that it was the perfect little house for all of us and it was a wonderful weekend with all of the bees buzzing together.  Happy Birthday Sewing Bee!

Now, where would you want to go for a birthday getaway?  Who would you want to take with you?

Please come back soon to hear all about Baby Bee's 9th Birthday Bash!
I surely love your visits.  


  1. Lovely little cottage for a special birthday. The view is fantastic. Happy monday.

  2. What a sweet little cottage! I know you had a marvelous time.

  3. Beautiful little Cottage! Love the dreamy blue colors...And a Happy Birthday ~Enjoy the getaway ~Love Heather

  4. What a perfect little beach cottage! I love all the sea blue and green colors Glad you got to get away to celebrate your birthday!

  5. What a sweet little cottage!

  6. Oh, what a wonderful place to stay. Oh, sigh. And I'm stuck smack dab in the center of the country! Happy Birthday to Sewing Bee.

  7. Happy Birthday Sewing Bee! What a great little vacation cottage! What a Sweet place to Bee!

    Things are off to a slow start for the studio. The neighbor boy who helps us out broke his thumb trying to catch his pig. Really! But he's better now and finished clearing out in front so we can start on the inside. It's litteraly piled to the ceiling with who knows what...


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