Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Must Do*s

Do you have traditions for birthdays in your family?

We have a few and they all seem to involve the color red.  Wonder why?  Could it be that red makes you feel special?  Does it make you feel warm and loved?  

One tradition we have is the birthday person gets to eat all their meals off of this plate....
(Now there is an ebay experience - okay, you won't have to twist my arm, I'll tell you - I saw this plate  in a little shop but they wanted $37  for it.  TOO MUCH for a plate we would use just a few days a year.  I thought, hey, I can get this cheaper on ebay!  BIG MISTAKE!  First, I got into a bidding war and lost on the first plate I saw.  Then I found one that I won with a $21 bid.  Great deal hunh?  WRONG!  Shipping was $14 on this beauty and it was gently used.  Yeah, you do the math - not a good deal no matter how you look at it.  Have you ever done that on ebay?  It's so easy to get carried away!   I can still remember the More Creative Friend laughing at the irony. Love that about her!)

So back to the birthday traditions....
I always fill an apothecary jar with a ton of birthday candles and one of those year candles for how old Baby Bee is.  (Us older folk don't need to be reminded of our age, so we just get birthday candles.)
There are also a few other things that help to make it clear that we are celebrating at Sweet Bee Cottage.....

And the latest addition....
(Baby Bee actually got this from the Fabulous Phyllis for her birthday, but I'm hoping she doesn't notice me adding it to the birthday collection - shhhh - don't tell her!)

I am linking up with Sue over at the delightful It's a Very Cherry World.  Sue just opened her etsy shop so be sure to check that out along with all the other reds for Rednesday.
Thank you so much for coming by for a little visit.  I have a few cupcakes left for us to share.


  1. Love the candles in the apothecary jar--looks great! All your other birthday stuff looks wonderful!

    Yea...Ebay can be dangerous!

    Hope you have a great night!

  2. Sorry the plate cost so much, but what a special thing to do for everyone's birthday. They'll remember it for the rest of their lives. I like the candles in the apothecary jar. I always have extras from those boxes and end up throwing them away. This is such a much better idea.

  3. I have seen those plates in the stores. I think it's a cute idea. :-)

  4. such great ideas!!!! the candles in the jar is so cute!!

  5. Oh I just love that candle jar ~ what a neat idea! Baby Bee is one very special little lady! For the longest time we made family members wear a buttone that said,

    "It's my Birthday and I can do anything I want!"
    I think that once Mom hit 90, we were making people nervous, so we retired the button ;o)
    Happy B'day Again Baby Bee!!!!

    Hugs, Nancy & Angus

  6. I've always wanted one of those "special" plates, but could never find one at my price. I won't bother looking on Ebay after that story! I like what you do with the birthday candles, and I really love that it seems like you make everyone feel very important on their birthday!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. Had a little giggle at your expense over that plate ... but look on the bright side ... you did save $2 and it was delivered to your door! What's more Sweet Bee you have started a lovely tradition for your family to follow.
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  8. Just popping by real quick to answer your question..
    My son is studying towards a minor in German.

    I have heard that Chinese is the hardest language to learn. Your nephew will probably be in big demand, because not that many people can speak it here and the need for translators is huge.

  9. Yes, Ebay used to be cheap. I refuse to pay for something where the shipping costs more than the item does. :)


  10. It seems that there is an apothecary jar on every blog I visited this week. I will have to go looking for one since I have so many new ideas for using one.

    Love the way you used the candles.

  11. I love birthday traditions. We all had a birthday candle when I was young, but it only lasted till our 18th birthday. And my mum used a plastic table runner with a kids party scene on it. (wonder where that went..must ask her..)and made the same delicious cake for every one of her 4 children. I used a Wedgewood Peter Rabbit "Happy Birthday" plate and mug for my girls, but they consider themselves too old for that now.... I turned 40 in januari and used it myself! Love the story of your wonderful red plate, shame it cost you, when you gave us all a happy smile on our faces! Red greetings, Floortje

  12. Love the birthday plate and the large cupcake cookie jar. You have some very nice ways to celebrate birthdays!

  13. Cute REDS! and I love the candles in the jar!

  14. I think it's wonderful that you make birthdays so special at your house. Love the plate and my favorite idea is the candles in the apothecary jar!!

  15. I love your birthday traditions. I may incorporate them here. Yes, I have had the same thing happen to me with Ebay shipping costs. One time I accidently made a bid and used extra zeros. I was new at Ebay and I think I had a panic attack. I eventually figured out how to take your bid away when there is an error.

  16. What a sweet birthday tradition!
    You have to be so careful on ebay and etsy now a days, I hate it when they try to rip you off with the shipping. I just bought 3 rubber stamps on etsy she charged me around $7 to ship them. When I inquired about it, it made her mad. When I received them I noticed she only paid $1.58! Oh well!
    This is my first time visit to your blog, I love it!

  17. I love your things. You would die if I told you I got my red special plate for $1.00 at a thrift store so I won't tell you.

  18. What cute ideas you have! I love the candles in a jar. Yes, one can get carried away on ebay.

    Susan and Bentley

  19. I have gotten carried away on ebay also - I think all of us have. There is something about the thrill of clicking the button at the last minute and winning what ever goodie you were bidding on. Our family also has a birthday plate, it is a Pfalztgraf (not sure on spelling) and it has spring flowers on it. We all love to have it at our place setting for our special day. You have wonderful birthday celeratios.

  20. We have birthday plates too. Mine are from a set of china that belonged to my great grandmother and we only use them for birthday cake. It's fun having special little rituals isn't it!

  21. Wonderful reds , I love the birthday Plate ! Sorry you got hosed on the shipping .

  22. I like your candle idea - so festive! Yes, I've made a few mistakes on eBay, too! Nice tradition pieces all around!


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