Friday, March 12, 2010

Living with Books and Loving It

I just heard about the party over at Chicory Nits and I couldn't stand it - I had to crash that party!  

I love books!  In fact let me tell you a little story about how much one family loved books . . . . 

Once upon a time there were three Sweet Bees living in a 1951 California cottage that came with a very tiny dining room.  It was very difficult to have a decent sized table, a china cabinet, and walk around the table to enter their sunroom.  This "dining room" measured 8' x 11'.  Microscopic! The Sweet Bees needed a solution.

So one day, the Inspiration Fairy paid a visit to  Worker Bee and Sweet Bee!  She helped them realize that they could turn their sunroom (which they used as a garden/family room/game room) into their dining room.  The Inspiration Fairy was PURE genius!  

Then, another epiphany!  Those busy Sweet Bees could turn the old dining room into a library.  Worker Bee was especially enchanted by the Inspiration Fairy and  he even came up with the idea for the card catalog/CD storage unit (this was in the days before iPods).  Now wasn't he a clever boy?

So they all lived happily ever after in their slipcovered wing chair and they never, ever fought over who got to sit in the library chair!

Wasn't that a sweet story?

Well, now I'd like to share some sweet and inspirational books with you!  

My favorite Louisa May Alcott story!

The book that turned me into a reader - way back in second grade!

My favorite children's author - Kate DiCamillo.  This is my favorite of hers - it even makes my hard-hearted third graders shed a little tear.

The book series that inspired a renewed faith.

The book that helped me define what I love and what I want my home to look like.

I have ALL of Mary Engelbreit's books and ALL the issues of her magazine.  (Can someone hand me a tissue as I think of this magazine's demise?)

Susan Branch never fails to inspire and this was my first book from her.

And here's my favorite recipe - so easy - and so magnificently delicious!  (Did you hear that?  Oh, that was my tummy! I better make this recipe again soon.)

And finally a new little bit of inspiration from my new friend Lynne!  So many ideas - it makes me think I can actually sew!  I will be sharing this with the Sewing Bee and the Fabulous Phyllis to help inspire them (to sew for me - oh dear - did I really type that out loud?)

Well please stop by and see what other books inspire so much in all of us.
Wasn't this a fun party?  I hope I get invited back again soon.

Thank you for hosting this Carey!  What a marvelous idea and what fun! 

Don't forget to stop by and visit the other party-goers over at Chicory Nits.  

And thank you for stopping by.  Love to see you come by and I love your comments!


  1. Hi there! Oh my goodness - I'm crazy about your library!! It is wonderful! And the card catalog cabinet/CD storage is a fantastic piece - it looks beautiful. And hey, just because Ipods are available doesn't mean we all have one - I sure don't.

    Love so many of the books you featured. Jan Karon's Mitford Series are all wonderful and I've seen all of your decorating favorites. Good stuff...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  2. I love your library and system. Maybe one day I will be as organized as you

  3. I think our library is the best library ever. Of course that is an opinion. I also remember that squished dining room. I'm sure glad that we moved it. Those CDS Worker Bee now thats hard to believe.

  4. Your library is so inviting! The chair looks so comfortable, and I see myself reading there. I love reading, and was pretty interesting that most of the authors you showcased happen to be my very own favorite!!!

  5. Sweet Bee, A sweet story! I love the library! and your sunroom must be a lovely dining room. Rooms filled with sun are so cheerful! I also love your new background and your header is adorable. I related to many of your books, the Susan Branch, and Mary Emmerling's Cottage book--I've pored over them for years! (I'd have to add Heidi to the list for childhood inspiration. I read it 8 times!) Sherry

  6. Oh how I loved to working n the library ! I could drift into any time or place all under one roof..and one NEVER have enough good literature to read!

    A wonderful way to get two for the price of one under your roof too!!!

  7. I love your library and I love your book selections too. We are book fanatics here as well. I'm going to amazon used books to check out some of your picks!

  8. I like the 'Inspiration Fairy'. Cute. Those are some wonderful books you have. I really do need to get back to reading more.

  9. I have that Crafting Vintage Style book. A friend gave it to me. I love just looking at the pictures.

  10. I can't believe that there's not a fight over that chair! I'm afraid you'd have to tip me out of it, because I'd never want to leave! You lucky girl, I just love your library! We seem to have the same taste in books. I have several Mary Emmerling books, and I still love her to this day. I think Carey needs to have another book party, because I could go on and on about books, couldn't you?
    Happy Reading!

  11. What a LOVELY post to read!!! I am a bit of a book addict myself, it was lovely to see what you shared! :o)

  12. This is such a wonderful story and a happy ending. It is lovely library and I love the card catalog. It's just so amazing. Some of the books you posted I have never heard about but would love to read. Oh no, where am I going to put more books. Thank you so much for joining my first party. I deeply appreciate it!
    Love and hugs,

  13. Oh Sweet Bee! I think we are kindred spirits! If reading material can tell, then it is for sure!

    Eight Cousins, or any LMA book thrills my heart! I love love love her writing. Little House books were also my joy as a little girl, although Heidi was my first favorite book that taight me about the joy of crossing the emotional bridge into a book.

    I love your library, and I am wondering if I could convince my husband that we need that in our nearly never used formal living room. (I am from CA, so I come from small sweet houses like yours, but now I live in TX where my 2700 square feet is one of the smaller, junky houses in the neighborhood. It's not all it's cracked up to be...) Any way, I am all admiration of your super cute library!

    So, you can be green about my access to Hobby Lobby, and I'll be green about your library. We'll be even!

  14. Fantastic room! Oh, that makes me remember the card drawers in my old tiny library - weren't they just the best?

  15. What a great story! I too love books both for children and adults! The Little House on the Prairie series was one of my favorites as a child. I also loved The Boxcar Children! I adore your library. What a great idea - and yes, I remember dinner in your cramped dining room. So much better now!

  16. This was such an enchanting post! I adore your library!! I wish a had another room now to play with!!

  17. Oh I remember reading this post a week or so ago...but it looks lke I didn't comment. I'm going to add you to my list right now!

  18. Reading books is one of the value that i want to instill to my children. I almost cry seeing those beautiful and vintage books. This inspires me to create a mini library in my garden shed.


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