Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Generosity of Kindred Spirits!

Have you met Deb over at Loyalist Cottage? She is a pretty recent blogger and she's stopped by Sweet Bee Cottage a few times.  Now I have to tell you she is a generous soul and she has an excellent memory.  She emailed me and recalled that I had a collection of needlepoint cottages and knew I really treasured them.

Well do you know what this sweetie did?  She sent me a set of seasonal cottages her mum stitched many a moon ago.  Can you imagine how touched I am?  My heart has that squishy feel when someone does something super extra nice for you.

Let me show you. . . . . 

Aren't they sweet?

But you know what is really sweet?  That someone would send these all the way from Canada (ooops! I forgot to mention that before) to someone they've never met in real life.  

is what makes our community of bloggers so
There is so much generosity of spirit and support out there.

Thank you Debra!

And thank you all my visitors and those that leave a comment.  I appreciate you all!

I'm going to link up with My Romantic Home's Show and Tell hosted by the gracious Cindy because I just have to show off these cottages and brag about the kindness of Deb and all the other kindred spirits out there.


  1. What a thoughtful, wonderful gift! That IS the beautiful thing about this bloggy world--you never know what's going to happen next!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet gift!

  2. This is what I've been saying all along...we have all become this huge sisterhood. Sharing things with each other in blogville..sharing gifts...thinking of each others collections when out shopping..we have become a unique sisterhood!!
    Aren't we all lucky to have found each other!!

    Cindy from Tx

  3. A fellow Canadian. We all have big hearts Sweet Bee.
    This world is amazing. I'm off to visit blogging friends that I have blogged with for over a year now. Our dreams are coming true. We will embrace each other over tea, cupcakes, birthday cake and tears of happiness. I have so many presents to bring I needed my truck. A 30 hour drive, but worth every mile.
    I love it here in blog land.
    See you when I get back in April.
    Happy Spring.
    Lovely needlepoint. I'm glad Debra sent them to you. I'll have to go and meet her. I wonder where in Canada she is.
    Love Claudie

  4. She is so sweet to give them to you! They are wonderful! Isn't the blogger world a great thing :) I have enjoyed the book I won from your giveaway and the socks!

  5. What a gift...what a friend!!!

    My Show n Tell is just Springtime Flowers in our Yard A nice treat after a long, cold winter!! Stop over and 'smell the roses' with me if you can! I'd love your company!!

  6. What a sweet gesture. She knew you would appreciate them and take extraordinary care of them. Enjoy!

  7. What a thoughtful thing to do! Not just that she sent you those cottages, but that they were her Mum's! That's a very generous heart, and they are just the sweetest cottages. I'm sure you'll treasure them forever, and your new friendship with Deb!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Another fellow Canadian! We do have big hearts! Your friend is very thoughtful and generous! Thank you for sharing.


  9. Wow, how sweet of her. I know they must mean much more to you knowing they were her mom's, also. You must have really touched her with your posts.

  10. Yes the community that blogging is, never seizes to amaze me. It really makes the whole world like a village.

  11. How cool of her to do that!

  12. What a wonderfully generous gift! And so pretty!, too! Happy Friday!...Debbie

  13. What a sweet gift! I think they have found the perfect new home!


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