Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where's the Red?

Do you see the red?  

These are shots of the bookcases on either side of our television armoire in the living room.  Can you tell I love red?  

These were unfinished bookshelves we bought that we painted white several years ago.  As I was painting them I thought, I don't want just boring old white backs on these so I decided to paint them a Laura Ashley red called ________.  No luck on the name of the color!  Worker Bee just went out to the garage to check on the name - none left I guess. 

The backs of our library bookshelves are painted a Laura Ashley green called verdant green that I still love!

Like the milkglass urns?  I actually have 3 of them on that shelf.  I was at a sale in Atascadero this past May and I kept walking by these and then walking away.  Finally I bought one of them.  Then I thought I have to have a pair, so I bought a second.  Then we were in the car and I told my mom, Sewing Bee, that I had to go back for the third one if it was still there.  Yeah!  It was. 

Did you notice the brown apple on top of the books?  One of my students made that for me about 13 years ago when I taught sixth grade.  It has always meant a great deal to me so I keep it at home and I have it on display all the time. That kid is about 25 years old now!  Yikes!  

Below that is another one of Amy Jo's paintings.  I like having the tray/bowl of faux pears in front of the painting of a pear.  

Then I have a small collection of green pottery.  I just love red and green even if it's not Christmas.

And finally, I have part of Worker Bee's globe collection sitting on the cutest gingham suitcase I picked up at the Susan Branch store when it was still open.  That was just the BEST place to go shopping and get inspired.  I only went there a few times, but I loved it and miss it.  Maybe she'll open it up again sometime.

Whew!  That was a lot of talking!  I better take a sip of my iced latte.  Would you like one or maybe you'd prefer a nice hot one with whipped cream?  Come on over any time and I'd love to treat you to one.  

Thank you Sue for hostessing the reddest party in Blogland!

Please stop by and admire some more reds at It's a Very Cherry World.

Oh, and if you want more reds for yourself, be sure to enter my giveaway!  Just click on the photo on the sidebar to go to my giveaway post.

Happy Rednesday!


  1. So much lovely redness--thanks for sharing some of your treasures!

    Hope you're having a beautiful night!

  2. I love the idea of painting the inside of bookcases! I actually want to find some cool vintage wallpaper and put that inside one of mine. And I'm crazy about that little suitcase. How cute, and the little globes look great on it! I have one lonely little globe, hoping to start a collection, but haven't found another one since. Oh, and I'll take something hot, with extra whipped cream!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. That is very stunning to paint the inside of the bookcases , You have some wonderful reds !

  4. I love the red in your bookcases. It is like an accent wall, but not so obvious. I just put up a bookcase which I didn't back, cause I couldn't figure out what color to make it. Hmmm Red?

  5. The red looks great on the back of your shelves. Love that little red gingham suitcase! laurie

  6. What a great idea to paint the insides! I agree with Carol, it is lovely!!!

  7. The RED certainly add interest to the bookcase and the photos have come up quite a treat ... almost like still life paintings!
    Happy REDnesday!
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  8. I love the red on the inside of your bookcases! It just makes everything pop out! And that gingham box is adorable!

  9. Love your wonderful arrangements. Getting a perfect grouping takes real talent. I would love to transport your bookshelves into my living room.

    Thanks for stopping by my old red barn. It lead me to your great blog. I have enjoyed the time I spent reading your archives. I will be returning to read more as time permits.

  10. The red reminds me of the time I had one wall in my living room painted Chinese red. I'll have to post that maybe next week if I don't forget. Making myself a note right now.

  11. That's a wonderful shade of red. Your collections are so nice!

  12. I like the idea of painting the inside of the shelves and I too am a lover of red and green!

  13. Super idea - it looks great! I just adore those globes on the gingham suitcase!

  14. Pretty much any color by Laura Ashley is a good color :) I do love your Susan Branch red check suitcase...how cute! The colors on your DH's globes are wonderful. Love those blues. Happy REDnesday.


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