Monday, March 29, 2010

We Have a Winner . . .and Is This a Crazy Idea?

My goodness this giveaway has been fun.  You have all left such kind and encouraging comments.  So many of you were so kind about posting about my giveaway.  Isn't blogging just wonderful?

Well enough about how great you are - I know you're just dying to know who won the giveaway.
Baby Bee and I cut and folded and she had the honors of pulling out . . . . .
Oooh - yeech!  Can you guess who was helping paint benches and posts black?  The fingernails ought to give it away.

Carol at Old Glory Cottage!

She is one lucky duck!  I've had exactly 4 giveaways on my blog and Carol has won half of them!  (On the first one her odds were a lot better - there were only 5 entries.)
Baby Bee has been busy buzzy too.  She found a poster in one of her older American Girl magazines that she has been coloring ever since Spring Break started.  I have no doubt that she will have it finished by the time break is over.

Now, I have to ask, do you think this is a crazy idea?  I'll probably do it even if you tell me I am out of my mind, but it's always fun to ask.  We have all these GINORMOUS tree stumps from the removal of Mr. and Mrs. Liquidambar and I had a crazy idea.  I've always wanted to make some of these . . .
and I've been saving my chipped and broken china for just such a project, but - the bees started buzzin' and - I thought wouldn't it be great to take some of these stumps and make some broken china mosaic tables and plant stands?????  So - what do you think?  Am I nuts?  Did the warm weather yesterday and the paint fumes get to me?

Yes, you're not imagining it.  Those are three big piles of broken dishes.

Are we klutzes here or what?  
I think I can guarantee that I will not run out of broken china to make my mosaics!

Well, I'll keep you posted on the progress of the kitchen garden and my crazy idea.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your comments, for becoming a follower, and for just coming by for a visit.  
If I could, I'd take you all out for lattes!  (or tea!)


  1. Whaaa! I never win giveaways. (whine)

    However, I think the stumps would be fun to do. A great idea. :)

  2. Sweet Bee,
    I love the idea of the tree stumps! You might as well use all those broken dishes! I want to do mosaics on birdhouses...someday. Tell Baby Bee that her poster is too cute! Love it.
    Congrats to the winner!

  3. Congrats to Carol! They will look great in her home!!
    Happy Spring!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. I agree with Deb - whaaa! :-)

    I love the idea of the mosaics and how perfect you have someone to help you paint! I'll be by later for our lattes. -amy

  5. Congrats to Carol. I think your mosaic tree stump tables sounds fabulous. I can't wait to see them.

  6. Lucky Carol! OMG, thanks for showing your broken tile piles...I got them here too. We got plenty. can't wait to see what ya do with them.

  7. I love the it and than post the pics because than I can learn from you. I have a few stumps myself in my yard and I'm thinkin I will do what you do,,lol

    congrats lucky girl you.

  8. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! I can't tell you how badly I wanted to win these! I've wanted something pretty to put on top of one of the cabinets, and I knew that if I didn't win, I would have to buy them. Please give Baby Bee a hug for me, and thank her for picking my name. Again!

  9. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. You made it 100 followers. Yeah! I think your idea of tree stump mosaics is a good idea. Check out "The Comforts of Home" blog. She is another Penny and she is a mosiac artist. Love your blog design.

  10. I love the idea! Of course I'm well known for being an ultimate klutz. And out in my garage I have a crate full of things I've broken.

  11. Congratulations to the lucky winner. I wonder if the the glass would adhere to the stump. If there was any moisture maybe not. But you could pour a small cement slab and then put the mosaic on that...then it would be removable and you could make it into a stepping stone if the stump ever deteriorated all the way.


    Sorry, got carried away my idea there.

  12. Congratulations Carol !!! :) Thank you sweet bee for hosting the sweet giveaway. The mosiac sounds great :)

    Have a Blessed Easter!


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