Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes Anyone?

Welcome to the Sweet Shoppe!

We recently celebrated our little Baby Bee's 9th birthday.  We had a hard time deciding on a theme this year after last year's stellar success - the Chef Party.  We looked and looked for inspiration and we finally found it in the dollar bins at Target.  

This year we celebrated Cupcakes!

Giant cupcake cake!  

I will admit right now in front of everyone - I am not a very good cake froster, but it sure did taste good!  Figured out after the fact that it might have been easier to frost the top half and then assemble.
Much of the paper party decor was purchased from Dimple Prints on etsy.  Carli was so easy to work with and had a quick turnaround.  I just printed these out on my computer, cut out the scallop shape with my Cricut, and glued them together.  
We had a banner, signs, water bottle wrappers, cupcake wrappers, and more.  I ran out of time to make all that came in the package.  The directons were very easy to follow for assembly.
We played games!

We had a relay race outside where they had to put the giant cupcake sprinkles (jelly beans) on the wooden spoon and then run them to the jar without spilling any.  We played that game over and over with the teams switching every time.  
We played "Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake."

I made the cupcake with scrapbook paper that I just folded in half and cut free hand.  (folded it in half for symmetry)

I think this might have been their favorite game.  But I have to advise - DO NOT PUT THIS GAME NEAR YOUR CHINA CABINET! I wasn't thinking about that so I had to guard the china cabinet the entire time so we wouldn't lose children or dishes.

We played Pass the Present too.  I filled gift bags with little $1 prizes and each girl got at least one prize.  This was played just like Hot Potato but the girls got to unwrap their prize before we continued the music. 
We made crafts - 
placemats (just cut out a giant scalloped square on my cricut and the girls put stickers on them)

cupcake bracelets - I found cupcake beads from Oriental Trading Company.

decorated wooden frames - $1 wooden frames from Michaels, scrapbook paper, modpodge, and the all mighty cricut cutting out the words "cupcakes"

You can see some of these things in this picture.....
I was so busy with the party I forgot to take some pictures.  I need a professional photographer for these events!  

The girls also decorated the cupcakes.  We used a gift Baby Bee got from Santa last Christmas  - a frosting pen.  That little contraption worked great.  The girls then put sprinkles on them and I found individual cupcake boxes at Joanns to put them in for taking the cupcakes home. 
We had so much fun - even the girls. 

I have to thank Worker Bee (my dear husband), the Sewing Bee (my mom), the Singing Bee (my friend), and the Fabulous Phyllis (another friend) for all their help before, during, and after the party!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed our little celebration!  

P.S.  I've been playing on Picnik!  So much fun to use!  So I made a little ginormous header for my blog.

What do you think?  I'm not sure about it.  I like the idea, but I'm not sure about the execution....
Let me know what you think!



  1. I love your new header!
    The party sounds like so much fun! I wish I had a bite of cake right now :) It looks yummy.
    You had some really cute things for the girls to do for the party.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Honesty is the best policy... I'm not loving the new look. I LOVE the quilt going on... on the side, but the black and white? You are so much more creative Sweet Bee, sorry.
    I couldn't wait to see the party for little Bee. I have to find one of those icing pens. So cool. You did a fantastic job!! I hope you can now put your little bee feet up and relax.
    Well done.
    Happy sweet little bee birthday to your daughter.
    Now that I look at the header again... i thing it's those wasps that I'm not liking. They HURT!! Happy Sunday.
    Love Claudie

  3. HI! Wanted to pop over and say thank you for following my blog.
    It looks like you had a really good time at the party!!
    And I really like your new header! I have never heard of Picnik, but I'm going to go see what it's all about.
    Have a great day!

  4. The cupcake party looks like it was quite the hit!!! I'm sure they all had a ball. I need one of those frosting pens! I wonder if they make a grown-up version? Hmmm.
    PS Someone else just told me about piknik. I must go check it out.
    PSS I like the header.:0

  5. You new header is VERY cute. Looks like everyone had a wonderful cupcake time :-)

  6. what a fun party!!! you had some really great ideas:)

  7. God love you for having such a fun party for Baby Bee! I bet she'll remember it forever!
    I love your new header! I made my current one, instead of having to bug my daughter to make one for me all the time. I would LOVE to have PhotoShop, but I bet it would take me years to learn how to use it!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. I'm liking the header - very original! The party pictures came out great - I know it's so hard to get everything done for the party AND take pictures too! I'm sure Baby Bee won't forget this day for a long time.

  9. What a fun party. It sounds like you didn't miss a detail!! Looks like everyone was having a great time.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. I love your new header! Your birthday party looked like a lot of fun, lucky little girls!

  11. What a fun little party! I love cupcakes and I love birthday parties, so when you combine both, it's going to make a wonderful time!! Your craft and game ideas were just fantastic! Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by my blog. Please come again!

  12. That cupcake looks perfect to me and sooo good I am sure. My sister use to sell SLH. Not me. It never got going good with her when the economy got bad. I have gotten a few things on ebay.

  13. Thank You for your nice comment on my blog! It helps! Your party looks great and like lots of fun too. My youngest turns 21 on March 10th and we had many a party for all the kids! Great memories! Picnik is so much fun! I made my blog banner there and banners for most of my etsy shops as well. Take care! Kitty

  14. Oh, it looks so much fun! I loved it when my daughter was that age! I think 9 is one of the best ages. Now she is almost 20, boy things sure change. Cindy

  15. What a fun party! Love your "pin the cherry on the cupcake" game. Too cute!

  16. Looks like the girls had tons of fun! Love the way it all came together. I have been working on a Birthday bunco Party and made the water labels but I may need to steal the flavor idea. Super cute party!


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