Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do You Remember Open House?

Well it's Open House Season in our part of the country.  Baby Bee's Open House is next week and my school's Open House is the week after.  

I love Open House!  I love all the projects the students make and how we get to really show off each student's creativity.  My students are making dioramas of a Great American Hero.

Baby Bee had to make some sort of project on the Solar System.  I thought about making one out of styrofoam balls, but have you priced styrofoam balls lately?  It would have cost about $35 just for the balls.   That's just not in the budget with all these graduations and other events, so I found some planet print outs and Baby Bee watercolored them.  

While she was painting each planet as accurately as she could (I had a picture of each planet up on our desktop) I did a little playing too.  

I saw on somebody's blog that they had watercolored some paper doilies.  (Sorry, I can't remember now where I saw it - so many fabulous blogs out there and I can't remember where I get some of my inspiration.) It was kind of fun, but I'll have to play around a little more with it.  

So after all the planets had dried we glued them onto some black construction paper and . . .

Couldn't quite get all of the Solar System in the picture. 
I'm particularly proud of her Saturn - it looks a lot like the pictures from NASA.  

I can remember - now climb in the wayback machine with me - in fifth grade working on state reports.  I did Missouri and North Dakota.  We also made kites in honor of the bicentennial.  Mine had the 13 colonies drawn in red and blue marker.  Loved that kite - it never did fly right though.  I can remember even trying to make my own homemade kite at home that summer.   'Fraid I don't have a picture of that to share with you today.

Do you remember any of your Open House projects?  What did you love about them?  (Or hate about them?)  Now I sound like a journal topic for my students to write on.  So in 25 words or less - LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!  I always enjoy our little visits and I so enjoy coming by your place too.


  1. I remember in third grade we had to make self potraits of ourselves.We were using these crayolas..and everyone was coloring themselves pink..I started to and the teacher handed me a brown crayola..she said I was not pink but brown..duh..I am Italian..did she have to be so negative? I never got along with her that year..I wonder why.

    My favorite time was using map colors to
    color the states of the United States..I always received so many compliments on how nice it was.

    Open houses had good and bad memories for me.

    I survived

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Love the projects! I do remember one project I made and it was for the state of Alabama. I remember many of my girls projects .... especially the solar system!
    Brings back so many sweet memories!

  3. We kids (6th grade) painted the solar system on the windows of our classroom. It was like having stained glass windows when the sun shone through all the pretty paint! :-) I've never forgotten that project.

  4. Sweet... I remember an open house where we traced our bodies on huge butcher paper and had to color in details of our was stapled all around and stuffed with news paper and dressed in our own clothes...that was the best open house I remember as a kid!!!

  5. Thanks for the sweet reminders of school projects....where has the time gone?!

    Love your painted doily, too--great idea!

    Hope your day is just wonderful!

  6. Hi Sweet Bee, I have no recollection of open house days! But then I wasn't really "into" school. I was too busy reading to do homework! Looks like Baby Bee has tons of talent, too! I love the painted doily - I may have to try that!
    Thanks for the email-yes, we do have taste!

  7. I can remember making a tissue paper Missouri in 5th grade! Wonder why we both picked Missouri? :-) I always loved open house with my class. Testing was over and we spent a few weeks on fun, creative projects! Ah...good times, good times...

    Baby Bee's planets look great - especially on the black background!

  8. I can't remember any of my open house projects - too long ago, I suppose! I love how the planets turned out and that Saturn is wonderful!


  9. I don't remember any of my kids' open houses! How can that be? Well, they are 31 and 35...


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