Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just a Cozy Corner of Sweet Bee Cottage

This is one of my favorite spots in Sweet Bee Cottage's kitchen.  

This is my cookbook bookcase.  It sits between the end of our kitchen counters and our custom benches at our kitchen table.

My uncle custom built this for me when we first moved into this house.  Our kitchen in not very big and I knew I would need someplace to store all my cookbooks.  It fits perfectly from side to side and top to bottom.  

Here are a few little snippets of the top of the shelf.

Hope you enjoyed this little visit to Sweet Bee Cottage.  Maybe one day soon we can share a latte and some delicious Blueberry Muffin Cake.

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  1. Love your bookcase and especially your beautiful green glass dishes--depression glass?

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend!


  2. Love your little nook! Very cute! :)


  3. I can certainly see why this is a favorite spot of yours! It is very sweet and you have quite a collection of cookbooks.:)

  4. Lovely! I love cookbooks and jadite dishware. I can sure see why it is a favorite for you and how special that it was made just for you :)


  5. What a wonderful little bookcase for your cookbooks! I love this and it is just perfect for the spot!
    Your cookbooks all look so neat! I do the same thing - I love to keep my cookbooks all organized and neat and have a cabinet in my kitchen where they reside!
    Thanks for much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. So very glad you stopped by so I could find your sweet blog!! We have so much in common! Love of roses- I do Sq foot gardening- even bees! I am wondering if you are a beekeeper like I am?

    Could I ask where you found the wonderful bee graphic you used as a header? I would so love to have a copy of it if you have one without your title and such - pretty beeeese?

    Became a follower and looking forward to many more wonderful posts!

    bee blessed

  7. Love that bookshelf -- great use of space. Best wishes for the week ahead. :) Tammy

  8. Did I forget that you had all of that jadeite, or have you been keeping it a secret?! I love your bookcase, and all of the pretty little things that you have in Sweet Bee Cottage!
    Happy Monday!

  9. Adorable little corner!! I didn't find any Jadeite to add to your corner but hope you find your kitchie package fun and useful. I almost threw a cookbook in there. It should arrive mid-week to delight your Sweet Bee heart!!

  10. You have the sweetest things! I love the glimpses you give us into your home.

  11. I really like the little bookcase with your cookbooks, how nice to have them right there!

  12. Does your uncle take orders for custom made bookcases? I could sure use one just like that at the end of our kitchen counter; my cookbooks are scattered all over the place!

    It's adorable ... and I also LOVE your painted tomato cages. We need to cage up our few tomato plants, and I'm thinking tomato RED might look mighty sweet in the garden. What a terrific idea!

  13. I can see why you love that bookcase. It's wonderful to have the space to store all those fabulous cookbooks and a few treasures as well!

  14. What a cute and cozy spot! Thanks for stopping by my "hive" today.


  15. What a cozy spot. I can imagine sitting on the bench and reading all of those cookbooks.


  16. I have a similiar bookcase in my dining room. I collect cookbooks and use them too :)

  17. That is such a charming corner. I love that book stand that your recipe book is on, and your pretty green dishes. How great to have an uncle who can build you something like that. laurie


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