Sunday, June 6, 2010

Giveaway All the Way Around

Dear friends,

Worker Bee has pulled a name from all the delightful entries for my Summer Smoothie Giveaway

 - and - 

(Don't let it be said I can't build anticipation....)

Twyla and Lindsey of Two Crazy Crafters are the lucky winners.  Kind of perfect that there are two lemon smoothie mixes and two chocolate banana smoothie mixes each.  Just the two of them can enjoy the drinks and they can share the straws with the other folks in their family.  :)
Speaking of giveaways, Sweet Dawn of Cottage State of Mind had the sweetest giveaway for her one year anniversary.  She decided to send something to each of us.  She thought long and hard on it and my dears I was just overwhelmed by her thoughtful package.  I certainly didn't expect such generosity.  Remember she's sending giveaways to all the people who left a comment for her.  Dawn lives just a couple of hours away from me so we are really hoping to get to meet each other this summer.
First out of the box was the fantastic vintage tablecloth.  It's just perfect for my kitchen and my patio.  Guess where it went before I even finished opening the other treasures.  Yep - right out on the patio all ready for some family coming over.  I mean, I couldn't have done any better.  How awesome is that?

The next things out of the box I will share on another post.  But they also are just so perfect for me!
Then, that sweet Dawn somehow found a bee skep candle holder made out of wire!  Bees!  Wire!  Candles!  Cuteness!  I told her I got all verklempt (again - I have no idea how to spell this word, but do you remember Mike Meyers' Linda Richman character on SNL?).  
Don't you love it?

Now I thought I was done with giveaways for the summer but I went to this fabulous thrift shop - went a little crazy there - and found something I think you might enjoy.  

Here's a sneak peek.....
Now I won't be around much this next week.  I need to wrap up things at my school and get ready for my mother-in-law, the Quilting Bee's special visit.  She's coming to see Baby Bee in her fifth annual dance recital.  

I'm looking forward to getting to come and visit with you all this summer!  We'll drink all kinds of iced lattes together!  Oh boy!


  1. Nice post Sweet Bee!

  2. Dawn is so sweet. The gift you received is perfect. :) Congratulations to Twyla and Lindsey. Love those two!

  3. What really thoughtful and generous blogging buddy!

  4. Congrats to Twyla and Lindsey! Isn't Dawn the sweetest!! I love that tablecloth. She let me know my gift is in the mail and I can't wait to see it! Enjoy your week sounds like a busy one!

  5. Wow your photos are beautiful! How come my patio never looked so romantic? I'm so glad you're enjoying them.

  6. Wow, that wire bee candle cover is amazing! It's like it was created just for you. By the way, I love the new background - just perfect for summertime!

  7. Congrats to Twyla and Lindsey!! How great for you to offer!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Ilove your beehive holder with candle..
    I'm sure the winners of your giveaway were thrilled..such beautiful goodies

  9. What fun stuff! The candle holder is right up your alley! and I can't resist vintage tablecloths. That is sweet that she sent gifts to everyone!
    I love your new backgound, too!
    Have a great day...Sherry

  10. The bee candle holder is absolutely charming and just perfect for you.

    I have an award waiting for you at this link:


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