Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's Going to Be Fireworks and a Giveaway!

I just love the Fourth of July, don't you?  All the fireworks, cook-outs, and the patriotic music - especially the music with the fireworks - makes me get all choked up.  Yes I'm a sentimental fool and proud of it!

Do you remember that Schoolhouse Rock video about how there's going to be fireworks on the Fourth of July?  I loved those videos when I was a kid.  Helped me pass my Constitution Test in 8th grade.  Still use them in my classroom.  This is one of my favorites.

Well I wanted you to have a little something to help with all this celebrating so I put together this giveaway.  
I found this great ceramic platter at a local thrift shop and it started the whole giveaway rolling.  
As I've been out and about I've picked up a few things here and there to add to the giveaway (mostly Dollar Tree and Target).  
So here's what you can win:

  • large ceramic platter
  • 2 snack trays
  • 1 larger snack tray
  • 1 spool of patriotic ribbon
  • 18 feet of flag garland
  • glittered Happy 4th of July banner
  • large glittered USA banner
  • magnetic notepad

So here's what you have to do to enter this giveaway.

  1. Leave a comment here on this post by midnight PDT on Tuesday, June 22 with a way to contact you.
  2. For a second chance post about this giveaway on your blog.
  3. That's it!  You do not have to be a follower, but you are welcome to join in if you want!  
  4. Only open to USA residents!  Sorry!

Thank you for stopping by! Monday is Flag Day - don't forget to put your flag out!


  1. Sweet Bee, What a fun and sweet giveaway! We always go to our small town's parade then have a cookout in our back yard. We used to have fireworks here too, but we found pollution in our water from them, so for fireworks we travel to another town or light a few sparklers. There's nothing like a good fireworks display, though! Happy week to you!

  2. What a very fun giveaway! And it would be so much fun to enjoy all these red, white, and blue goodies in our new home! We close on the 21st!!! Thanks!

  3. What a sweet giveaway! I love the fourth of July it is my anniversary! My DH always says he buys the fireworks for me. :0)

  4. Okay, I'll forgive you this time for keeping your give away in the USA. ;)

  5. What a great giveaway! So generous.
    Please add me in.

  6. This is a very cute giveaway! Please enter me! Thanks!!

  7. love all the RWB goodness!! i used to watch school house rock too!!

    i'd love a chance to win!

    love the new blog look too:)

  8. I have to enter, even though I know the odds of me winning a third giveaway of yours are not good! I love it all, and thank you for the slim chance to win!
    Happy Flag Day!

  9. I remember Schoolhouse rock! How funny.... They did help. Love your patriotic giveaway. I am in.... But Carol might be chosen again!!! ha ha ha... Mica

  10. My flag is flying today! And I hope my name will be flying on the winning banner, too!

  11. I am hosting my very first 4th party this year. This would be great to decorate with. Hope I win!

  12. Please enter me in your Fab give -away !

  13. Now how did I miss this? Please enter me in your most fantabulous giveaway! I would be so thrilled to win!

  14. Oh, My!!! Please add me to your special list. How I love the fourth..the Boston Pops, the majestic playing of the 1812 Overture and the fireworks, the children;s parades, going to the cemetery to pay tribute to all the OLD soldiers...the list goes on and on. I am one of those like you....I stand at attention and put my hand over my heart when the National Anthem is played, and it is in my will to have “My T’is of Thee - ALL VERSES - played at my funeral with the American flag brought to the front of our Episcopal Church for the singing. My daddy was in WWI so grew up in a VERY patriotic home and American Legion and VFW activities. Yes, I LOVE MY COUNTRY and hold our legacy and freedoms with the highest of esteem. Your giveaway is lovely. We will just have to change the he words to “You’re A Grand Old Flag” to She’s a Grand Old Gal!” And incidentally, “Yankee Doodle Dandy is one of my favorite movies because of that music. An early Happy 4th to you....hugs, Genie

  15. OOPS...It’s just way too late at night, and I did not preview my comment so it’s full of errors..the main one being...MY COUNTY T’IS OF THEE! The others are not quite as bad, but I am still pretty embarrassed...and to think I was an English teacher and did NOT proofread my work....shame on me! Sorry about that....Genie

  16. What a wonderful giveaway! You're so generous! I love Fourth of July celebrations! Our little community puts out flags - wish they'd remember better.
    God Bless,

  17. No one ever believes me when I tell them that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday! I love the fireworks - and patriotic music - and my country! Your giveaway is wonderful. Thanks for letting me participate!

  18. What a neat giveaway. Love 4th of July.


  19. This giveaway is just adorable! I am putting it on my blog right now. Please enter me!

  20. Great giveaway. I love the 4th of July.

  21. These are such darling, fun items. I can't believe it's almost the Fourth of July. Please include me in your drawing.

  22. I thought I better hurry and sign for your giveaway..My niece and boys will be here for the 4th and what nice things to celebrate with.


  23. What a wonderful and generous giveaway! I love all the red, white and blue! Thanks for the opportunity. Be blessed. Cindy

  24. I feel we should all be patriotic especially these days with so many of our service men and women in dangerous places. I pray each day for an end to all this war. I'd love to win all these neat items...thanks for your generosity. Hope you are settling into a nice summer.

  25. Loved the little clip. This year even more so I am spreading the word to raise your flags and be proud Americans. God bless this country.

  26. Is this giveaway over?

  27. Too bad you said post a comment by June 22! I just found your post and I love the Fourth of July!


  28. I agree with Becky. I just stumbled across your cute blog as well. Oh well, maybe next time.

  29. Oh my goodness, I missed your "giveaway" But, I sure did enjoy the video! ha ha
    I am new at this, and just started my own blog, catch me at:
    Happy 4th to you and yours!


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