Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soft and Squishy ME Monday

Well my dear mother-in-law, the Quilting Bee has flown on to visit other family members and the guest room is back to being my craft studio.

One of my biggest inspirations is Mary E.  Our guest room has a daybed that I use as a sort of sofa and perch to assemble my little crafties.  Or sometimes I read a book there.  Or today I even curled up for a little nap.

It's so soft and cozy thanks to all the ME pillows I have there. (Although I'm pretty sure all the pillows are a nuisance to my guests, but I hope they know they don't have to worry about putting them back.)

This one is my personal favorite and the first ME pillow I ever bought...
I like its message - Here.  Here's my heart.  Simple and to the point (which I'm usually not).

This next one Worker Bee and I found on a vacation we took to Mendocino, California.  It's way up north on the coast and it's where they filmed the show, Murder She Wrote.  (Does anybody else remember that show?)
I might try to save that one in a fire.  (After Baby Bee and Worker Bee and our cats, Sam and Brody.)

The next pillow is one I've never seen anyplace else.  It's a needlepoint one with a green velvet back.  You will not believe where I found this one.  Hubs and I were furniture shopping a few years back at a La-Z-Boy and lo and behold they had these ME pillows just lolling about on their couches.  It was right around Christmas time that year and I said, "Hey, this would make a great Christmas gift," and Worker Bee remembered!  
Cute picket fence all the way around - so sweet!

The fourth pillow I want to share with your is a  ME Fried Egg Flower pillow.  This was originally in Baby Bee's nursery on her rocker, but when her room turned pink, it just didn't quite fit in anymore so it came to live in the guest room.
I cut a bunch of these Fried Egg Flowers out of construction paper, laminated them and then put on magnetic tape and I stick these to the front of my black metal desk in my classroom.  My students always think they are called Friday Flowers.  I think that is so cute.

The last pillow I'm sharing with you today was one I think I picked up on ebay.  Since we live in a cute little cottage I just had to have this cute little ME cottage pillow.
Thank you so much for stopping by and you know if you're ever in town there's a cozy little guest room just waiting for you. 
 But I will do a pillow check before I let you leave!  :)

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After all doesn't everybody love....
Mary Engelbreit?

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  1. Your giveaway idea is are such a sweetie to share with your blogging sisters. I wrote a comment on your other entry ....actually I wrote two...the first one I did not proofread so did another correcting the errors in the first. Doesn’t that sound like a retired teacher?!?!?!!? I have also written about you on my “buttonsforbaga” blog. What a great idea. Hugs, Genie

  2. cute!! i've always love ME; love her color palette!

    how is your summer vacay?

  3. hmmm. I could definitely enjoy a stay in that room! You're the greatest!
    Hope you have a Delightsome day,

  4. I love your ME guest room! What a great pillow collection you have. Do you know that as much as I love ME, I couldn't find anything worth joining in with today! My favorite is that little cottage pillow. And yes, I remember Murder She Wrote. A couple years ago Hallmark Channel had it on all day, so I had my husband record it for me. I love that little town!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Love all of your ME pillows and I can honestly say I've never seen most of them before. I like how you described how each of them came into your life. I have a needlepoint Ann Estelle that I will have to share one day. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. OOOHHH a ME Apron banner will be cute in that room!!

    I forgot how much you like

    I bet the kids like your colorful room at school. I know I would as a child..color always makes me happy!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. I love ME! My daughter has a couple of pillows that I bought for her over the years. One is the Queen of Everything and the other is Snap Out of It. These two sayings would perfectly describe her!
    I do remember Murder She Wrote. Is that a good thing? Ha.

  8. Love all your ME pillows...I have one to...I will share sometime....have a blessed

  9. i love your pillows. i have been looking for the fried flower one. And i love the cherries one.. lucky!

  10. Love the pillow with the cherries, judging from my door knobs, I guess that is no surprise. Your pillow collection makes for a cheerful room. The time we were in Mendocino it was so foggy we couldn't see the dock where some of Murder She Wrote was filmed. I've always wanted to go back. Have a great ME Monday.

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  12. That couch looks so comfy! And the pillows are perfect! I love the fried egg one, I had two or three of those and finally sold them in a garagr sale...never knew what to do with them! I have one tho....and I really like the house shaped one! I think you would be wise to take a pillow count if I came to visit! :) LOL

  13. What cute ME pilows. Have a Heart is one of my all time favorite ME designs. I needlepointed a canvas with that design years agao and made it into a pillow. It's the only ME pillow I have. I've never seen ME pillows already needlepointed for sale. Great find!
    Thanks for sharing your pillows. ~ Sarah

  14. I adore your ME pillows! I love anything ME! I missed the post about the giveaway ... headed to that pot now!

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  17. Thanks for sharing your ME pillows. I'm not much into ME, but they are cute. And now I know if I ever stay over at your house, I don't have to worry about putting them back on the day bed. lol. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. Now I'm off to sign up for your giveaway.

  18. Very cute! I love the pillows - and the nap - I've been taking a few of those myself recently!

  19. I have always loved ME too! Your pillows are great, especially the one your hubby gave you! I have one of her "The Queen of everything" pillows :) Love your blog! thanks so much for stopping by, and for your nice comments!

  20. I gave you an award you can check it out here

    I understand if you are an award free blog. Just know I thought about you! Tara

  21. oh, i love that little cottage pillow. i did my sunroom with an understated house theme kinda, and this would be super cute there. also love your idea of the champagne in the bucket for your gift!!

    thank you so much for stopping by the cape on the corner. i AM really liking galvanized metal for planters, tho i might tweak it for halloween. we'll see!

  22. Oh how I love Mary engelbriet! I just realized we both love her, love coffee, and I sure was a huge fan of Murder She Wrote!! Watched the re-runs over and over, drove my family crazy!! LOL I just missed out on Cindy's apron tag swap! Darn it! But I will anxious to see what everyone makes!! To cool of of ideal! Who knows I may make myself one just for the heck of it! LOL Have a good night. XO Fran.


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