Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hobby Lobby Coming to California!

I've lamented this publicly before......why can't California get a Hobby Lobby?  

I've whined. 

I've pleaded.  

I've pouted.  

And it worked!

Hobby Lobby is coming to Visalia, California before the end of the year. 
(Their first store in California.) 
That's only about 30 minutes away from me!  

Woo!  Hoo!

There will be some very busy bees here at Sweet Bee Cottage!

Who's up for a road trip?


  1. Oh you lucky duck! I wonder where else in CA they are coming?? Oh please by me! me! me! lol


  2. Hobby Lobby!! Oh you are going to love it.. I go there everytwo weeks ..It's about seven miles from my place. I find so many good buys there

  3. Oh, wow! I hope we get more!!! That's really exciting, but it's still about 1 1/2 hours away from me! Didn't know you were over there...I've got a good friend in the Visalia area!

    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend with your sweet family!


  4. Here is 3 trips for Hobby Lobby.
    1st never go in a will drive you crazt there is so much to see!!!! can print off a 40% coupon
    off their website weekly..great for large buys!!
    3rd..the scrapbook paper..every other week 1/2 off

    What I have figured out..they rotate some things that are in their store year round..1/2 off everyother week. They will order for you also...and it takes for ever in their check out lines..loland ours play Christian music non it!!!! You will have a blast!!!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Isn't that exciting? We just got one here in Florida by where we live. It took us 3 hours to slowly walk the WHOLE thing.
    Have a fabulous day.

  6. We love our HL and Cindy's tips are great ones, but I'll add one more....don't plan to go on Sunday....they are closed. And I never buy ANYTHING full price. I either use the 401% off coupon or I wait a week or 2 because everything cycles on sale there for 50% off. ENJOY!!


    P.S. Wish we had Home Goods here in NE :)

  7. You will love Hobby Lobby! They have the most amazing sales after holidays and seasons and that's when I shop! I am so cheap! LOL! Yeah for you!!!!!

  8. You will love it! They do have the best sales. I go at least once, twice, sometimes three times a week especially when they have a 40% coupon every other week! There are great sales every week. Like Cindy said it rotates. If it's not on sale this week it will be next week.

  9. Woo hoo! You will enjoy Hobby Lobby. Never buy anything unless it's on sale or you have a coupon. It will be on sale the next week.

    Hobby Lobby is based out of Oklahoma City (where we live). You can feel good shopping there. The owners are a very fine, generous family. They also own Mardels.

  10. Oh, I moan and fuss about not having HomeGoods. Why!!

  11. ...about time! maybe we can get one up here!


  12. Yippee! It's a start - now, we need one in So Cal :)

  13. I'm very thrilled for you. You won't believe the money you save by shopping there. I never pay full price for anything, because they rotate their sales...practically anything you want will be on sale within every three weeks. As mentioned before, almost every week they have a 40% off coupon that you can print, to use off of a non-sale item. You can print a new one every day, but you can only use one per visit. I love Hobby Lobby!

  14. My first trip to Hobby Lobby was while I was visiting my daughter in Tennessee. Loved it. We had one move into Central New York about 2 years ago - now I don't have to go to Tennessee to visit one and neither will you.

  15. Never heard of Hobby Lobby til I started blogging.
    A couple of weeks ago, we were about a half hour from home, and I saw it......Hobby Lobby!
    It was a Sunday, however, and they were closed....but now I know where to go!

  16. Wow who did you campaign to? The closest HL is over an hour away and not a very convenient drive at that!

  17. We don't have a Hobby Lobby in my neck of the woods either. It does sound like a great place.

    The country Fair you are participating in with your friend sounds wonderful!

    I have really enjoyed stopping by your place here and visiting with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  18. I'm so excited for you! Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores. We have two or three in our "greater metropolitan area," but I almost never frequented them because I *hate* driving in the traffic. Then I found one about 25 minutes north of me, out in the country, and it's nothing but corn fields and soybeans between me and that store. Now I'm there all the time. :) Enjoy it - you're going to LOVE IT! :)

  19. Oh my goodness!! I didn't know this. This really is exciting news. We go to Visalia often. I love shopping on Main Street.

  20. cool for you! I have one in my town and love it. You can save the coupon to your smart phone and just show it to them. They don't take competitors coupons but you can use one coupon per day.


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