Friday, September 24, 2010

A LIttle Pink Tea...

Here's a little pink love for you today.
Sweet little pink tea cup and some inspiring tea books -  
Pink, of course!
(This is not Depression Glass, I'm pretty sure  it is a reproduction. My sister-in-law's sister gave these to me.  I have three of them.)
How about a Bridal Shower tea?

I love the Country Tea Parties book because it has a different tea party idea for each month.

Doesn't a winter tea sound fun?  
Maybe this will be the year I pull it off.  

I think I could dream of hostessing tea parties all day long....

Have you seen this Mary Engelbreit book on tea parties?  It was published several years ago, but it is such a sweet little book to visit.

Won't you join in a cup of tea today dear friend?

I'm so glad you came by today for Pink Saturday.
Thank you Beverly for hostessing this sweet little blog party.

Oh and while you're here, please feel free to enter my first blogthday giveaway!


  1. So beautiful, my friend! I LOVE pink glass, as does my mother--we both love to collect it--she's winning, I'm afraid!

    I hope your weekend is just lovely...


  2. Adorable pink cups! They look like the real thing to me! That ME book is sooo cute too! I wish we could have tea together :)

  3. Well! Happy birthday and blogthday and cleaning out your garage day (THAT must feel good!) and absolutely adorable rednesday and pinkness - so much lovely, cheery adorableness. You DO need some tea, now, in those pretty pink cups - there's so much goodness to celebrate!

    Love, Katy

  4. What a beautiful tea cup. And I love your tea books. I have 5 myself and just love to look at them for inspiration. I am seriously thinking of having a winter tea this year. But can't think to seriously until the weather stays below 90. LOL!
    Have a great day.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday. My mother had that same set. She had the dishes too. I never shared her love for glassware and when she passed on I donated them to Goodwill so someone who loved them could enjoy them. Some days I wish I had kept just one piece but I do have her regular teacup collection. Thanks for the memories. I'm going over to join your giveaway. Bye

  6. What a sweet, pink tea! Love the pink cups and I am a huge fan of book about tea!


  7. What a sweet giveaway. Congrats on your one-year blogging anniversary. I'm blogging about your giveaway on my Sunday post.

  8. Just love the pink tea cup and saucer! I absolutely love the ME tea book - this would be great for the Monday ME party at Cherry Chic!~
    Hope you have a beautiful Pink Saturday,

  9. I love pink depression glass! Your tea cups are so pretty.

  10. So cute and I love the pink cups. If they are reproductions they are still cute as can be!

  11. Pretty little pink cups, tfs, Nan

  12. Beautiful pink cup. I do miss sitting with friends with a cup of tea. Have a blessed day and I would of course love to be entered in your giveaway. Debbie

  13. Looking at your pretty pink with the embroidery in the background is helping me to pull myself together after reading Elizabeth’s post. My old heart is breaking for her. I just wish there was something we all could do to make things better. Thanks for having a little post just at the right time topic up my spirits. I did not realize when I started blogging in February I would become so attached to my new friends. It has been and continues to be such a special experience.

  14. Love your pink glass and I have some too, it was reproduced in the late 70's to early 80's so it isn't that new! I have a couple pieces too and remember when I purchased them. Happy First Blogthday! What a great idea! Cute blog by the way, I'm glad I stopped by! have a Happy Pink Saturday, Sunday too! XO

  15. Happy first Anniversary!

    The books and tea are so charming!

    HPS too!

    love, kelee

  16. What a sweet tea! Happy Pink saturday!!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. Sweet Bee-sweet pictures-sweet tea!
    I love the pink cups. I had a set of pink depressionware with similar cups at one time. I think a tea party is in order-havent had one since my niece was 5 and she's 15 now!

  18. Love your pink teatime teacups ..
    Happy Pink Saturday Thank you for sharing...Health,Wealth and Love..

  19. Pink and ME - what a winning combination!

  20. TFS: Thanks for sharing! :) Have a great week, Nan

  21. Well in Tx. we serve our tea cold and in big glasses..but these cute little pink glasses..I could love to down

    And to sit and read anything of Mary's..why yes I will take you up on this tea party!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  22. I'm honestly not so thrilled with pink, but that is the most delicate pink I have ever seen! It's lovely - gorgeous! I may have to rethink my pink!


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