Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quilt Adoration and Auntie Appreciation

My husband's auntie is just the sweetest soul!  Just completely out of the blue she sent our little family a gorgeous quilt.  For no reason!  Maybe just because she loves us!  

(Or maybe she just wants to soften up  my husband so he takes it easy on her in their Fantasy Football League.)

This is one of my favorite squares....

And these are really cute too.....

And who could resist these......

Okay, this is my favorite.....

Ooooooh!  Look at the border.  Two kinds of polka dots and even checks at this corner....

The cuteness continues......

And how about this personalized label....

I can't just stop there.  

Auntie Quilting Bee also made a beautiful quilt when Baby Bee was born.

I'm getting all teary-eyed thinking about our little itsty-bitsy Baby Bee laying and snuggling with this quilt.


I hope you can see the vintage inspired fabric for this quilt.

Auntie Quilting Bee sure knows what I love!

And I can't leave you with just that....

Auntie Quilting Bee made this vintage inspired quilt too.  
It hangs in our entry.  What a warm welcome it gives to our little bee family.

Don't you wish you had an Auntie Quilting Bee?

If I could, I'd give you all an Auntie Quilting Bee!

I feel very blessed to have her in my life!

And guess what?  
My mother in law (Auntie Quilting Bee's sister) used to quilt too.  
One of these days I'll share the great quilts she made for me.  
I have the cutest school one from her!

I'm sharing my quilts today over at Cindy's 

Thanks for buzzin' in.  I'll see what I can do about finding each and every one of you an Auntie Quilting Bee!  Well, I WISH I could - do my intentions count?

I hope you have a marvelous weekend.  It's my birthday Friday so I'm looking forward to a fun, productive, relaxing, catch up on all the chores weekend.  Oh dear, I'm not sure even my birthday fairy could pull all that off!


  1. Oh, lucky you! Love those quilts--what a very sweet & loving auntie!

    Happy birthday, tomorrow--hope your day is wonderful in every way!


  2. These are so gorgeous! I love the colors your Auntie Bee uses, how lucky you are to have her:>)

  3. Your quilts are gorgeous! I love your new one, it is so bright and vivid. I love the fabrics too. Stop by and see my mum's friendship quilt I posted today.

  4. How lucky you are to have an Auntie Quilting Bee, the quilts she has made are just beautiful!

    Kat :)

  5. Janelle..The quilt is adorable.I like your favorite block also!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. I love quilts. I have a few my Mom made and they are really special to me.

  7. I'm laughing because that's what I always want for my birthday, too - a clean house! Maybe we should opt for a weekend AWAY in someone else's clean place! =]

    These quilts are GORGEOUS!!! What a generous Auntie. May I borrow her? and, how perfect is that quilt for you??? A ME lovers delight! Thank you for sharing. You know, I've got my fabric "fix" for the week, now, and feel MUCH much better!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  8. What a beautiful quilt she made in a lot of my favorite colors. I know you will cherish it for a long time.

  9. Oh good grief! I forgot to post it. It's up now.

  10. Quilts are the final "warm" touch for any home, aren't they? Yours are lovely!

  11. Oh how lucky to have a loving auntie like that!

  12. Beautiful - I love quilts! Isn't is nice to know someone loves you?

  13. Such beautiful quilts! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  14. What wonderful quilts! I especially like the one in your entry, and with the little drawered shelf below it. Beautiful!

  15. Oh, Auntie Bee makes the happiest little quilts, doesn't she? LOVE them.... Your new one is my favorite....although it was very hard to choose.

    Warm blessings,

  16. Happy belated birthday. Mine was Saturday. :)

  17. Oh my...a home cannot have too many quilts! I just love the way they feel! Happy belated Birthday to you! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your sweet blog and I'd love to have you as a friend at FrouFrou Decor! I'd also like to invite you to link your creations up at my link party - Fabulous Friday Finds! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrou Decor~


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