Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coffee? Tea? or ME?

I just love these trays!  I always picture a steaming hot latte being delivered to me in bed on one of these trays.  Yeah, like that's ever happening at my house, but a girl can dream, can't she?
I think I bought this one at Hallmark.  Mary and Hallmark used to be tight.  I don't think they are anymore.
This one always makes me think of Baby Bee.  Her hair was just like this when she was a toddler - well it wasn't dark, but the style was the same and she had those rosy cheeks too.
Don't you think someone should be bringing me a pot of tea and some iced sugar cookies on this tray?  Are you listening Baby Bee or Worker Bee?  I'll need that lacy napkin too. 

One of the reasons I love Mary E. is her attention to detail.
This is the edge of a fourth ME tray I have.  Look at the pinked edge and the scallops.  Sweet little fried egg flowers plus the candy cane stripes add such darling details.

Thank you for buzzin' by today.  

I hope you know that I would bring you cookies and tea or coffee or milk on one of these trays if you came to visit me.  

Hope you head on over to Cherry Chick for Mary Engelbreit Mondays!  I have no doubt you will love the ME treasures you'll find there.

Sweet Bee Cottage is still going through its annual metamorphosis to Candy Cane Cottage for the holidays.  (Oh let me be honest here - I just have boxes of stuff out and not one thing decorated yet.  Going away on Thanksgiving weekend was probably not the best thing for my Christmas decorating, but I sure am glad we made the trip!)

Happy Holidays!


  1. I am very late night visiting, and I am so glad I am! What cute trays. Do you know I never could figure out what "fried egg flowers" are until your photo close-up! LOL! I'm known for being slow to "get it"! I also am so keen about your spoon hanger. I'm wondering if I can get my husband to drill spoons now! Always inspiring to visit here! Have a lovely week ahead! Elizabeth

  2. What a wonderful collection of ME trays you have! I love all her detail too...she's always been an inspiration to me.

    No one brings me stuff on a tray in this house either...I hear ya!

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


  3. I think going away for Thanksgiving is how I got so sick this year and no one brought me a tray of anything either. Any one of these trays would have brightened my day and quickened my recovery.
    I had not heard the term fried egg flowers. Good to know!
    The deorating will get done for you. Make a party out of it. (and another party for the undecorating!)

  4. Don't you hate the mess before all of the decorating is done? I bet Baby Bee is excited to get started! Love your ME trays, and hopefully after this post, you'll get served in bed on one of them really soon!
    Happy Monday!

  5. I adore candy cane decorations...I have quite few snowmen,,but wanted to start collecting the candy canes too....

  6. Don't worry about the decorating, I've got nothing done either!

  7. Love your trays and I agree a hot cup of something should be delivered to you pronto! ME has the cutest designs. I'm slowly getting my decorations up. No photos on the blog yet...still a mess. Soon? I hope so.

  8. I think your trays are really cute and I agree on ME detail, nobody does it like ME.Maybe you'll get your breakfast in bed, One can always hope!

  9. Those are indeed cute. I love ME and have her books and used to get her magazine and miss it now that it is no more.

  10. You're not alone with your boxes. Somehow it all gets done, doesn't it. Love your trays ... so colorful.

  11. I don't have any Mary E trays, but I have pretty trays and I don't get served tea and cookies on mine either. What's up with that? LOL I love those Mary E trays. I was just reading through some of her old magazines and wishing she was still publishing them.

  12. LOVE those trays!!!!! I almost bought one once, but I have way too much stuff and have to stop! I agree with you the detail is so fun!!!! My favorite is the third one, I love that teapot! Have a great week, and you have weeks before Santa comes, you are OK.....LOL Sandy

  13. Never heard of "fried-egg" flowers, but it sure explains them!

    I'll be coming soon - white chocolate mocha with 3 sugar cookies please - and I'll have it served on the candy cane striped tray! Thanks!

  14. Oh I just adore your ME trays!! I love ME and so excited to find a ME Monday! :o)
    Sincerely - Trish

  15. These trays are adorable! I've never seen these little charmers, but I agree the details are what make M. E. stand out. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing the "candy cane cottage". ~ Sarah

  16. Everything Mary Englebreit does is soooo cheery....and your trays are wonderful. I so wish she hadn't given up on the magazine. I loved it... Well, not so much after she changed it to a more Bohemian look....

    Warm blessings,

  17. Oh my I LOVE Mary Engelbreit. Her stuff is too pretty.

  18. I love Susan Branch books, too! I have several of them!


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