Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reading Some Christmas Reds

Ummm.....still not decorated for Christmas here at Candy Cane Cottage (aka Sweet Bee Cottage), but one of my favorite things to unpack are my holiday books. 

Thought I might share a few with you today.....

I've always wanted to give someone special a lovely basket, lined with a vintage napkin, filled with thumbprint cookies, and that red gingham bow.  Haven't done it yet, but it's not too late, right?

As much as I adore Mary Engelbreit, (shh - don't let Mary know) I think Susan Branch is guiding my style a bit more these days.  I used to visit her store on the central coast of California.  It was just a small little store, but I wanted to take everything home with me, especially the vintage stove they used for display.  I would wander around and around and around, knowing that I would undoubtedly miss something.  (Uh oh, there I go digressing all over the place again.)

If you aren't familiar with Susan Branch, you should really visit her website, Susan Branch - Heart of the Home.   
Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas here at
Candy Cane Cottage without some of that charming Mary Engelbreit.
This wonderful book is filled with all kinds of inspiration for the season.  The book fell open to this illustration - All is Calm - clearly it's a favorite of mine.

Do you have a favorite Christmas carol?  
I love to sing harmony to Silent Night, but Angels We Have Heard on High is my very favorite.
 (ummm.....more digressing, but I still want to know)
See....I told you Susan Branch was turning into a big influence on me.

(Of course, this is a memory book without a single memory written in it.  I really need to get to it!)

Looking for a little something festive to have on Christmas morning?  How about baked apples?  Doesn't that sound yummy?  I think I have my Christmas morning menu planned now.

Hope you found a little red joy here today.  
Today is Rednesday, so we all know the party if over at It's a Very Cherry World hosted by the charming Sue!


  1. Janelle we are so alike..I am a bonified (worshiper)..follower of Susan. I have way more of her designs than I even do of Mary's.
    Your first book shown..will be in one of my pictures on Thursday..lol

    Have a great week.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I love ME and Susan Branch. I didn't know she had a store. That would be awesome to wander through. I love looking through my ME Christmas books each year.

  3. I'm waiting for that basket!

  4. What a wonderful collection of Christmas books!

  5. The Christmas books are the first thing my daughter and I pull out each year too! Everything from Big Bird's Ticklish Christmas to Old World Christmas stories that bore my dauther to death but I find fascinating. I've barely started decorating but hopefully can get done this weekend.

  6. Christmas books are such a lovely tradition! My favorite carols are O Holy Night and Away in a Manger.


  7. Had to buzz in and say thank you and Merry Christmas and tell you you're doing pretty good in the inspiration department yourself! Love your darling site! All my best to you Janelle! xoxo Susan Branch

  8. Yes,I can see why your drawn to Susan's..oh my that last book....ohhhhhhhh,,me lovin it!! I'm off to check this fantastic woman out..Thanks for sharing her with us.

  9. Hi Sweet Bee, You are the "new" winner of my King Arthur Flour Giveaway - I couldn't get a hold of the original winner. Would you mind e-mailing me your e-mail address, so I can forward it to King Arthur Flour? Thx.

  10. I do enjoy Susan Branch stuff - those books look delightful! I may have to add to my collection, too!

  11. Some of my very favorite books! I hope you're having a cozy, festive day!


  12. I adore Susan Branch too! I have many of her items and books. I receive her newsletter and love her scrapbooking items.

  13. Love Susan too. Displaying her books is a great idea. Might steal that one!

  14. This is one of my ALL TIME favorite books!! LOVE SUSAN, and ME.

  15. We do love some of the same books! I have both of those! Let's definitely get together during your Christmas vacation!

  16. Susan Branch is my favorite! I have at least 6 of her books~ unfortunately, I don't know where at the moment~ I still have several boxes unpacked in the attic since our move (gaak) 8 months ago. I think that will be the treasure hunt for tomorrow :-)

  17. Love, love, love Susan Branch!! I have all of her cookbooks, but the Christmas one is my favorite. We make her candied bacon recipe every Christmas morning. ME is a fave, too, but there's just something about Susan:)

  18. Thanks for taking me by Susan's. Cute shop. Great blog. Love you book collection, but don't feel bad..seems a lot of us are running behind in holiday decking this year. :)


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