Thursday, December 30, 2010

Projects of 2010!

Well, there are lots of things I could look back on for 2010 but I'm sticking to the few projects I finished and the'll see!

These are in chronological order - not the order of importance or #7 would be moved to #1!

1.  Cleaned and organized my pantry
From unable to find anything to organized nirvana!
And it still looks this good today!  For almost a year!  Wow!

2.  Made Julia's Boeuf Borguignon..... 

It was so delicious but I have yet to tackle another recipe in this book.  Do any of you have any suggestions for what to tackle next?

3.  Celebrated the Sewing Bee's 70th birthday with a weekend at the beach - in this charming cottage - with the beach right outside our door.  Yes, that's the ocean horizon you see in the background.

4.  Celebrated Baby Bee's 9th Birthday with a Cupcake Party.

Okay, I have to admit, I am really, really taken with my Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake game!  Is it wrong to really like one of your own projects?  

5.  Made this crazy quilt mosaic tree stump side table!

6.  Created a kitchen garden where these trees used to be.

I'm really looking forward to taking the lessons I learned with my first kitchen garden and using them with my garden this spring.

7.  Celebrated 20 years of marriage with Worker Bee
Trust me, that's an ongoing project!

8.  Painted my aged and shabby (not so chic) looking outdoor seating.

Love how great it looks!  Like it's brand new!

9.  Did a little redecorating project in our bedroom inspired by the monogram I won from Cathe at Just Something I Made.
Yuck!  This did not function well and definitely didn't look good!

It all feels more spacious now!

10.  Painted my china cabinet and glazed it!

 Whether you like green or not, you have to admit it looks a whole lot better!

And the project that got away!  
I blogged about this back in January 2010 and not a thing has been done! Well, I have picked up paint chips.......
 I loved this wallpaper when I got it, but it's been almost 12 years and I am so ready for a change.  We want to paint and I think that's part of why we haven't gotten this project done.  Do we strip the wallpaper?  Do we paint over it?  Any suggestions?
I'm not changing my original tile (from 1951) and I found this gorgeous fabric at a steep discount ($3 a yard) and bought tons of it.  I see it on my bench cushions and other linens.  I bought a charming gingham check to make some curtains out of too.  Now I've had the fabric for a long time and this year - yes THIS YEAR - I will get this project done!!!
(Or you can read about me not getting it done next year.)

Thank you so much for all your visits over the past year.  Your visits and comments have meant so much to me and I've so enjoyed getting to know some of the best folks in the whole world.

Don't you wish we all lived in the same little town and we could just all get together for a cuppa'?
(Latte for me, for you......?)

I'm getting close to 300 followers and I promised myself I would have a giveaway when I reached that milestone, but, really, 300 is just an arbitrary number so I hope you come back to enter my ALMOST 300 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY, starting in January.

Here's a little sneak peek of the giveaway......

Happy New Year to you all!  
May 2011 be the best and the brightest year yet!  
I am so looking forward to buzzing by your place and visiting with you in 2011!

Hugs to you all,

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  1. Your name should be Worker Bee! Don't paint over that wallpaper, you won't be happy and the darn stuff will never come off.

  2. That was fun to review your projects! I'm going to be doing a lot of organizing this year. I love my junkin but it has taken over some rooms in the house and I want them back!

  3. Janelle..your hutch and your hubbie...your cute paper in your pantry..your new garden...those are my favs! Plus all our chats over me your beautiful garden out back. So glad to BEE your friend.
    Hugs and Lovin..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Sweet Bee! What a lot of accomplishments for you this year~and number 7 SHOULD be #1! Congrats! I'm looking forward to your give-away and planning one myself. It would be fun to get together for that cuppa!

  5. you did a lot really!!! Great job..I am lovin' the green cabinet though...what a difference a little paint makes...Hope you have a full New Year and looking forward to many more projects here..Take car..Mica/The Child's Paper

  6. You've just been a busy bee! I personally would strip the wallpaper. It's not that hard to do if you do it right. But if you paint over it you have the risk of it peeling off in the future.
    Oh and I LOVE the green hutch. It looks so much better. I'm a hutch lover though and I believe most of them should be painted. HA!
    Have a Happy New Year.

  7. Wow, you were one bizzy BEE this past year! You can come over to my house and give me a sharp jab to get me going in the New Year! I have the same dilemma in my kitchen, do you strip the wallpaper or paint over it??? Mine has been up 14 years and is looking outdated and yucky. Have a great New Year, Nan

  8. Love that green got a lot accomplished this year....many blessings on your next....Happy New year....Shelley

  9. Happy New Year Janelle. I'm so glad I found you this year. Let's make a resolution to have that cup of coffee in 2011. Soon too!

  10. Happy New Year Janelle! (love your banner) You have definitely been one busy bee in 2010. I'll add one more project to your list ... strip the wallpaper. :-) (maybe you can suggest it as a fun project for kids!)

  11. You did great with your projects this year! Going back to work brought my projects to a screeching hault. Teaching has always been a 10 hour per day job for me....hopefully one of these days I'll be able to balance life a little better.

  12. First of all, I love the green paint! What name is and where. Secondly, yes, it is better to take down the wallpaper. Third...I know it is just a night, like any other night, but it is New Year's eve and it does make us stop to think and reflect on the past. Good or bad, it is the past and the future is before us. Here is to having a new year of hope renewed, faith restored and a sunny economy. Have a happy and healthy New Year. Thanks for being a friend.

  13. Every time I visit you, I think, I sure wish I could buzz over and have coffee with her. We are like-minds, you and me. You got a lot done this past year. It's good to be in love with all your projects. Be your number one fan. You deserve it. Happy New Year, my mutual coffee loving friend!

  14. Wow, Your completed projects look great!
    Wallpaper removal? I've done a lot of it! I use the wallpaper scorer tool that you roll over the paper, and then I just soak an area at a time with warm soapy water with a sponge, and peel off with a scraper.
    I don't like the steamers, and the warm soapy water works as well as the stripper stuff you can buy. So there's my two cents.
    Happy New Year!

  15. WOw...incredible year of "doing" !!!!! And I think that you should also strip off the wallpaper :(.....I know change is good! If you paint over it and it strts to look bad, youa r in a real mess! Google : wallpaper stripping:.... LOL Happy New Year! Sandy

  16. My mother-in-law tried painting over wallpaper since they hung the wallpaper directly onto the sheetrock without "preping" it. The paint guy told her to prime it first. She did and the next morning all of the wallpaper was falling off...literally! She was happy that she could then paint the wall and it was easier than stripping it the "traditional" way!

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

    Happy New Year,

    PS I LOVE, LOVE the china cabinet re-do!!

  17. PS Here is the link to the bee story!

  18. I am so glad that you liked my painted cake carrier. I love your project review and to answer your question. ALWAYS strip wallpaper then paint. You will be glad that you did. Once wallpaper is painted, it is almost impossible to get off the walls. Terry

  19. Wow, you had an eventful and productive year! I love how all your decorating projects turned out, especially your bedroom. I am also into gardening and I love your little kitchen garden. There is nothing like fresh veggies and herbs that you grew yourself! Mmmm...I can't wait for spring. Happy New Year!


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