Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a Little Vintage Christmas

Yes, I'm still s...l....o....w.....l.....y getting my holiday decorations out.  But I had to dig through the crates and pull these out.

(Worker Bee says I blogged about these last year, but you'll forgive me, won't you?)

I found these lights at our local consignment store.  I loved the box.  
And they work!
This stocking usually hangs out in our guest room, but I'm showing it off in the kitchen today.
I think it's vintage - but how vintage, I have no idea.  I love that jadeite green background.  
Have you ever seen one like it?  

Speaking of jadeite green.....
I just popped these candies in for short term storage and now I love how they look in these jadeite cups.

I just adore that 
green and red combination!

And, no, the candies are not vintage - just the cups!

And aren't YOU sweet for stopping in for a quick visit. 
I've got some Orange-Pistachio Biscotti baking and I'll be dipping it in dark chocolate later.  
Won't you join me with a vanilla latte and some biscotti? 
(I'll share the recipe soon....)

I'll be sharing these vintage thingies over at Colorado Lady forVintage Thingie Thursday

Just found a picture of these from last year!  
This candle triggers my earliest memory - it was 1968 and I was 2 years old.  I was hospitalized with the Hong Kong Flu and one of my aunties gave this to me.  I can remember the black wax from the boot getting all over the hand puppet that one of my grandmas had given me.  


  1. What fun lights! I have a couple boxes witht he lights still in and then just some empty boxes because of the wonderful graphics....I haven't displayed them yet and I have owned them for years! Just don't know where to put them! LOL I just love the jadite cups with the red and white candies!!!! Perfect! And how lucky youa re to still have that candle, here in AZ it would have been a puddle a long time ago! :):) Sandy

  2. The lights are great but i NEED that biscotti!

  3. Holy smokes. Those Christmas lights are ultra old school.

  4. So adorable! I love vintage Christmas decor!

  5. I love vintage Christmas, last yr. I displayed a couple of old boxes like that. Although was careful w/ lit lights as those old ones get HOT.

  6. I would love that vanilla latte but make mine with some chocolate chip cookies:)

  7. I am glad you drug them out again. I have not seen any of these before. I enjoyed them and the older type lights.

  8. Yum, yum and yum. I was born in 67' so we are of the same vintage.

  9. Love them lights! Thanks for sharing and I can use some of that vanilla latte. Blessings, Vicky

  10. The candle is cute and it is amazing that the candle has lasted so long. I bet that now there would be labels that say "not a toy" or "keep away from children."

  11. What wonderful Christmas decorations & that sweet Santa your received when you were 10...and those beautiful green bowls--fabulous!

    Hope you're having a lovely day!


  12. I love the lights and the box they are in! What a find! My daughter has recently begun a jade-ite collection. It's such a sweet collectible.

  13. That light box is gorgeous... better than a box of candy! You have lots of pretty vintage goodies! Thanks for your comment! Come over and link up at

  14. What a fun collection. So nice that you still have the Santa candle.

  15. Fabulous post, I love all of your finds and that jadite, love it! I just snagged my first piece of Fire King, a turquoise blue plate for $1. I think it will look great with a pile of shortbread cookies for the holidays. Your biscotti sound yummy!

  16. Orange-pistachio biscotti sounds so yummy! Love the old box of lights, and I agree that jadeite green and red are a lovely combination, any time of the year!
    Happy Weekend!

  17. I love the green cups! I know someone in my childhood had a set and we used to drink out of them. Wow. Had forgotten all about them until seeing yours. Love the lights, too.

  18. OH MY, you could decorate with the box alone!!!!! Love it! The bulbs are fantastic, I use these kind of bulbs on my front porch and around my garage doors. LOVE them. Happy VTT

  19. The box and vintage lights are a great find!

  20. I'd very much love to join you! And sit and stare at your pretties.

  21. I love the vintage lights. The box is really cute. Also love the candy in the jadite cups! Really festive. I did a jadite red and green table this week. I guess we're in sync!

  22. Love the lights! I saw some at the local thrift shop a couple of weeks ago, and was tempted sorely.
    Also, loving the jadeite!


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