Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cooking Things Up for Christmas Rednesday

One of my favorite things to do over the holidays is baking and cooking treats for friends and family.  My friends the Singing Bee and More Creative Bee and I all get together to cook up some treats and we did that this weekend - but I forgot my camera!

One of my contributions this year was the delicious Candy Cane Syrup.  I found the recipe over at Storybook Woods.  It was so easy to make and so yummy!  We have used it in hot chocolate, lattes, and I'm even thinking about making some Candy Cane Martinis.
For gift giving, I just bought some half-pint canning jars, cut some scrapbook paper to cover the lid, and then made a little hang tag.  
I also need some aprons because I am not a very neat cook.  Do you think three aprons is enough?  
I love every single one of them, but the fourth one is my favorite and it's not even mine.  My mom, the Sewing Bee, stitched this one up for Baby Bee and it even has a handmade little gingerbread man in its pocket.
Happy Christmas Rednesday everyone!

Hope you can see some more sweet reds over at It's a Very Cherry World.  Thank you Sue for hosting such a festive day!


  1. That is the cutest apron! Love it and yes I need one when I cook also! Especially baking! The syrup sounds interesting.

  2. Those aprons are so Christmsy! How fun for making cookies and Christmas dinner.

  3. Can I just say I LOVE your kitchen wallpaper?! Have you shown that before?? How could I have missed it??
    Oh...and your aprons are darling, too. Not much time for baking this year for me :( too many calories to challenge my will power anyway.

  4. So cute and clever! I love the idea of candy cane syrup...oh, on ice cream or in cocoa and martinis....YUM! Very cute packaging too :)

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  5. Wish I was your neighbor so I could enjoy some of these cookies.

  6. Sweet Bee,
    I am baking tomorrow ... I hope! I love the aprons. I don't think you can ever have too many!

  7. Even your aprons are Christmassy!

  8. That sounds really good! I like the gift tags you made, too--they're really cute! :)

  9. I am making Clarice's syrup too! Yummy! I love your Christmas aprons....Wishing you and yours a blessed Merry Christmas...Hugs,Mica

  10. Hello Janelle,
    I am soo glad you like my syrup I tell you I love the stuff and candy-cane martinis, what a brilliant idea. I will have to try those. We are having our Christmas eve tonight, I know what I will be serving. Thank you for the idea. I hope your friends like it too. Clarice
    PS love your aprons!!

  11. I wear an apron every night cooking dinner.
    The candy cane syrup sounds yummy.
    It sounds like you are enjoying the holidays.

  12. What a bee-utiful cottage blog you create! Merry Christmas!

  13. I really like your Christmas aprons & the candy cane syrup sounds super yummy! --Merry Christmas--

  14. Thanks for sharing that recipe, because I love anything pepperminty! And if you're going to be stirring up some martinis, make sure to save one or two for me!
    Merry Christmas and Happy REDnesday!

  15. You are one buzy bee ;) That syrup looks yummy and those aprons are a treat!
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Hi Sweet Bee! :)
    I love this post, so charming. I love to give food gifts but I seem to be going in slow motion this season. ACK! Thank you so much for sharing your Candy Cane Syrup with us, I am going to remember it for next year, it sounds so yummy! Your aprons are darling - I don't have one - I had a Marimekko one from the 70's and gave it to GW like a total knucklehead. I need my head examined.
    Wishing you and your dear ones the merriest of Christmases and much joy in 2011!


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