Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The First Rednesday of 2011!

Oh boy!  It's the first Rednesday and I'm going to serve you some cherries.....
Oh I should warn you, you might not want to eat these cherries.....
even though they are from the Cherry Capital of Michigan.....
and they are from the wonderfully charming Homestead Brand.....
but the only red you'll find in this box are cookie cutters - Christmas cookie cutters so they are already put away for the season.
Get back in there you gingerbread man!  You can't run away now!

We'll just have to enjoy imaginary cherries together.
I know, I'm a frightful tease!
If we were really having cherries, how would you like to eat them?

Cherry Pie?
Cherry Clafouti?
Cherry ______?

I vow to make a Cherry Clafouti this spring!  They always look so yumptious to me!

Well, while I was trying to corral those cookie cutters in the cherry tin, I thought I'd show you my cherry plate.
My step-sister had this plate and every time I visited, I would say, "When you get tired of that plate, be sure to let me know." So one day she brought me this beautifully gift wrapped box - for no reason - and the plate I'd always envied was then a gift for me.  She is such a sweetie!
(Doesn't Sue come up with THE BEST Rednesday buttons?)

I sure hope you can stop by Sue's and see all the other fantabulous reds for

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  1. Cherry cream cheese tarts! Love the cherries and the plate too.

  2. cherries are too expensive for me.

    We have them here around now.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Pretty reds and I am loving your picture in the header!

  4. I love cherries. I am sure Sue enjoyed you joking red for today.

  5. What great photos for Rednesday. You must have a lot of cookie cutters. Lovely post.

  6. Cherry Pie...think I'll just make myself one today. :))
    xo bj

  7. Great Rednesday post.....love me some Cherries :)

  8. Love Cherries! Such a cute plate, glad it found it's way to you!

  9. Love the plate! I really like chocolate covered cherries. Have since forever.

  10. Hey, gal.....good to be back to the blogging. Love that plate. It is so cute. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Be good....hugs....Genie

  11. Great storage idea!
    I'm glad that you finally received that adorable plate. :o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  12. Greetings Sweet Bee,,,thanks for my note and love your RED mixed with the wooden crates...
    The plate is super neat,,,its my favorite image that your sharing...
    May God continue to bless you and your family ~~~Hugs Dena

  13. Hi, Sweet Bee! :)
    What is cherry caflouti? Never heard of it, or seen it. I'll be looking for it and the recipe on your blog. :)

  14. I just love to eat cherries as they are , one after the other!

    Fun Rednesday post! I've been busy putting away the Christmas decorations..neverending :)

  15. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog! I think you'll find by washing your Cricut mats occasionally they will last a LOT longer!

    I'm having a "Little Gifts" giveaway on my other blog, so please come by and check it out!

    Blessings, Becky


  16. Not much of a cherry fan in baked good but love fresh ones off the tree! Great plate.

  17. So very cute!!! I love all those cherries:)...

    Cherry pie:)

    Sandy toe

  18. I love all things RED and all things cherry, but I'm not wild about cherry foods! What in the world is a clafuti...or whatever you said????

  19. I'm quite sure that plate has found a beautiful place in your home. How special of her to surprise you like that.

  20. I love cherry pie, that's a cute plate for sure!

  21. What a cute plate! How nice of your step-sister to give it too you :)


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