Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Schminter!

Winter has hit in the Central Valley!
And by winter I mean FOG!  
We don't have a white winter, we have a gray winter!

For the last two days it has been super foggy and hasn't lifted all day.  This makes it very chilly and we can't burn a fire because when it's foggy the particulates get in the air and that's bad for those of us with asthma or other lung diseases.  Too bad because today would have been the perfect day for a cozy fire, but I get it because Baby Bee and I both have asthma and we want that air that we breathe clean!

So anyway, since we don't have snow here I brought a bit of snow inside.....
This little guy is from the Mitford Series from Hallmark that came out a few years ago.  I just loved those books and he was irresistible.
I love the quiet beauty on this platter.  The Bybee Pottery is in Louisville and I picked this up a few summers ago and brought it back to California with me.
My  apothecary jars are filled with:
1.  plastic glittered silver and white ornaments that remind me of snowballs,
2.  fake snow and fake snowflakes that are standing up (or perhaps now leaning over)
3.  paper snowflakes that I cut out with my cricut and some winter themed scrapbook paper.

For those of you with eagle eyes that is a Mary Engelbreit mitten Christmas ornament hanging from one of the apothecary jars!  Bonus points for you!
A little snowman love on top of our piano.
And my favorite! 
 This is a snowman candle and I used my SLAH pedestal, some fake snow, and a little silver Christmas garland to make his look sweet!

Well I'll be sharing all my winter decor over at 
for Show and Tell Friday!

Thank you so much for buzzin' by!  

How is your winter?  
Or sunny?

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  1. Loving all your snowmen, especially in the apothecary jars.. I really love your piano too-you know I teach piano and always notice them. Too bad about the fog-it's supposed to get cold here in Texas over the weekend. Stocking up on cocoa!

  2. Very pretty! What do you do for heat when you can't light a fire?

  3. Love all your snowmen and the apothecary jars.
    I love the Mitford Series too by Jan Karon :)
    Stay warm,

  4. What a lovely post. Your snowmen are especially cute.

  5. I love all the snowmen. I have left mine up thru January before and now I miss them seeing yours. I love the little snowman head in the pedestal.

  6. That fog was scary! so glad it lifted today, but it still was awfully cold~ fortunately, we have a gas fireplace (though we haven't tried it yet :-S)

  7. I never thought of keeping the snowmen up for winter. I love the idea. I am in Tehachapi Ca so we are the start of southern Ca, We are high enough above the fog but if we go to Bakersfield it is always foggy in the winter. I am sorry you have to be in it all the time. But it is a great idea to have the nice winter decor inside.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked the heart art. Have a Happy Day!

  8. Loving all your wintery decor, Sweet Bee! Very pretty :)

  9. Your home is looking very wintry with all the cute snowmwn.

  10. I've got plenty of real snow for ya here in Utah...about 4 feet piled up in my backyard right now! I grew up in Sacramento and remember the foggy days...but enjoy your sunny days too and what I miss the most is the year round green! And I agree, 46 is not so bad! (that's what I'll keep telling myself until I believe it!)
    LOL have a great weekend!
    Christine of This & That Creations!

  11. What a beautiful platter. I prefer snow decor over the actual stuff. It's good to be back in blogland visiting sweeties like you!

  12. i really like the fake snow in the jar-great idea! i may need to add some to my pinecone filled jars!

  13. I love to keep out snowmen in January! You have some very cute ones for sure. Love the snow in the apothecary jars.

  14. Too cute, our winter in michigan is cold and snowy. We won't un-freeze until April:( Thanks for stopping by ThreeBoys!

  15. Love the wintry decor at Sweet Bee Cottage! This is the first year in a long time that I haven't packed all the snowmen up with the Christmas stuff. My light-up snowmen are still on outside, and they'll stay that way 'til it's time to decorate for Valentine's Day!

  16. Lots of fun snowmen! Love the jars and the snowman candle. Just so cute!

  17. I'm enjoying the "grayish" overcast... its just the freezing temps I can't handle!!

  18. You have simply the loveliest blog and it is so organized which I adore. There are so many wonderful decorating ideas to take away with me, I can't wait to scroll through back posts for more. Your kitchen wallpaper is so lovely, I do hope you change your mind about removing it or at least linger longer over the decision. What a joy to discover this happy place to be! Elizabeth

  19. Hi Sweet Bee,
    Oh how I wish you could get just a little snow...I love to see snow falling it is kinda exciting! Don't like to see it piled up in the parking lots and on the side of the road blackish-grey though. :o)
    Love the snowman on the SL candleholder!
    Happy Weekend,
    The Tattered Tassel

  20. lol...hows bout "fog Schmog"? Im in Sac, so its ALL about the fog!
    I've joined in the UFO at Blackberry Creek...
    Gael of Pink-a-Palooza

  21. great post and can't wait to see the birthday invites!!

  22. JEALOUS!!!! Wish I could see a hobby lobby just once!!!!
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)
    PS...thanks for entering my giveaway


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