Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do You Have a Favorite Design Inspiration?

It's a chilly night tonight with all the fog we've been smothered in and it just seemed like the perfect night to snuggle into the library with a quilt and read a few old books.

As I perused the shelves, I focused in on my decorating, gardening, crafting, and cooking shelves.
A name popped out at me...........

Mary Emmerling!

I have several of Mary's books.
Cottages is my all time favorite!

How about a trip down memory lane with me?

I started to buy her books when my husband and I were first married in 1990.

Can I show you a few of my favorite pictures from a few of these books?

Well, you know how I am......I'm going to show you whether you want to see or not!
 My dream cottage!  If we had enough sun, I'd have roses growing up the sides of Sweet Bee Cottage!
 Love this simple kitchen.  (But I have to confess, I could never have a kitchen like this - I'm not that great a housekeeper.)
Love this red gingham chair!  Wouldn't you love to work in a spot like that?  We need a new chair for our computer armoire.......maybe I should look for one to reupholster in red gingham.
Look at that table and chairs!  I would love to have wicker chairs in my dining room.  I have some all picked out - I just can't buy them right now.  Someday..........a girl can dream, right?

I had forgotten I even had this book.  I remember looking everywhere for a heart-shaped tube pan.  Never did find one.  

Don't those flowers look gorgeous on the table?  Lovin' the different colored chairs too!  Still looks fresh and this is from a book from 1993!

 There's that heart-shaped cake again!  Never made that cake, but I think I need to now.
I'm not much of a drinker, but I have always loved this little bar area!  I even bought a milk bottle carrier but somehow it never looked as great at my house as it did in this picture.  
(Since then I've painted my milk bottle carrier bright red and I use it to hold potted plants.)

I looked to see what Mary Emmerling has written lately and she has a book on turquoise (the stone not the color).  I'd love to see some new books by her, wouldn't you?

After looking through these books I've discovered that the pictures that I'm drawn to wicker chairs and floral pillows.  Apparently that is all it takes for me to decorate a house!  

Will you come over and sit in my wicker chairs strewn with floral pillows???
You know I'll bribe you with scrumptious treats!
I'll even bake that chocolate cake for you in a regular tube pan!

Thanks for buzzin' in!  I hope you know how much I appreciate our little visits.


  1. I loved her cottage book to.Amazing how our favorites stand the test of time.I think we are drawn to certain things and it follows us no matter how man times we try to change and redecorate.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. All yummy, good things in that book! Love it all!!!

  3. I'd love to come over and look at your wonderful books with you. Your cozy corner is great. Hope you had fun "nesting". That's all I need to keep me happy-a comfy chair and some good books!

  4. love your library corner with that perfect reading chair. looks like the perfect way to spend the afternoon (or weekend for that matter).


  5. I will be over in a jiffy! Love your post, love Mary Emmerling and love your blog. All so inviting and cozy....

  6. SHE ROCKS...and I love her blue jean and turquoise style of the way she dresses.
    Mary Englebreit is another one of my favorites along with Cath Kidston.
    You have ALOT of fun books!!!!
    Thanks for sharing, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  7. I love Mary Emmerling but don't have any of her books. Do you remember she had a magazine out way back when? I have a heart shaped pan but no hole in the middle. I've never seen one like that either.

  8. There you go again - shopping the Cottage. I love this idea. And I LOVE Mary - she's wonderful.

    Enjoy your day!

  9. If I could find you in the fog I would love to sit in your wicker chair! I also love Mary Emmerling. She used to have a show on HGTV and I always found time to watch it.

  10. I love cottage design books. Nothing better than curling up in a comfy chair with a blanket and a good book :)Alyssa of Boston Bee


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