Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Rednesday Everyone! It's Rednesday!

Sue's little Rednesday badges are so cute.  This week's led to a totally different blog post than I had planned.  

I would dearly love some of that restaurant ware Sue featured, but I'll have to settle for these for now....
I bought these on clearance from Pottery Barn at Christmas time about 3 years ago.  They are my favorite mugs for yummy white mochas.  Just perfect for double shots of espresso!
For a little more Rednesday glory I had to share my favorite iced tea/iced latte travel mug.  Starbucks used to have the most adorable and cheery mugs.  Now they seem a little dour to me.  Sorry Starbucks - I still love you!

This is the third tray of strawberries I've picked up this season.  More vibrant red!  

Well at the Sweet Bee Cottage Diner we're featuring Greek Lemon Chicken soup for dinner with a green salad and French bread.  Yum!  What's for dessert?  How about fresh strawberries on angel food cake?  Sounds good to me!

What for dinner at your diner?
Thanks Sue for always keeping Rednesday so fresh and fun!  Be sure to visit Sue's blog It's a Very Cherry World for a chance to visit all the other Rednesday posts!


  1. Love your dishes!! Dots rule! And Red is awesome!!! Enjoy your dishes and White Chocolate Mochas are the BEST!

  2. Like your polka dot dishes and dinner looks like a winner. What time? LOL

  3. Very cute polka dots and I love those yummy strawberries!

  4. You're polka dot red dishes are soooo cute! Oh, and yes, I will right over for supper!

  5. LOVE your dishes!!! Anything red with polkadots is okey-dokey with me!

    And that Greek Lemon Chicken Soup you teased us about....? I'd LOVE that recipe! (If you're sharing it!)

    Thanks as always for your kind visit--hope you're having a wonderful night!

  6. Angelfood cake with strawberries served on those dotty dishes... sounds like a perfect dessert!!

  7. Those red polka dot dishes are so adorable! I'm sure they make all dinners more fun. :)
    Yum, your soup sounds delicious.
    Have a great week~

  8. I'd much rather have your dinner than mine - I had Pre-teen's leftover mac & cheese, and Ritz crackers! LOL! But I had Rocky Road for dessert!

    LOVE your dotty dishes!!

  9. I have got to find some polka dot dishes. Those are so cute! laurie

  10. very cheery indeed. I LOVE the polka dots and yummy to the tummy strawberries!Mica/The Child's paper

  11. I am IN LOVE with those red dotty dishes!! They are so adorable I want to marry them!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Love the polka dots and must..get..strawberries this weekend!

  13. I'm so happy that Sue started this. I so enjoy these Rednesdays. I have those plates too. Well actually one plate and one bowl,lol

  14. I love these dishes! I have a tea pot that matches them!

  15. I love all your redness today! Those dishes are to die for. :) Love the Starbucks mug too. I used to have two or three of the cute ones but they've slowly disappeared. They do need some new cute ones.

  16. Those polka dots are too cute. I love that set. You've got me in the mood for strawberries.

  17. Anything polka dotty makes me so happy! I bet those mugs are fun to drink anything out of. And I agree with you about the Starbucks mugs. I feel like they are only catering to my daughter's age group (21), so there is nothing bright and cheery. It's all black, white, or beige. Yuk!
    Happy REDnesday!

  18. I love your sweet polka dot dishes! But I really think I need the recipe for that yummy sounding soup! LOL!

  19. Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog! I'm gonna bee a follower....
    I've been buzzin around for a while and think it's time to join the hive!
    The dishes are so cheerful, but those Strawberries and strawberry mug are the berry best!! Sorry to Susan tho..strawberries rule in my kingdom..er...kitchen.
    Hope your having a Berry good day!

  20. I just love your white polka dot red cups and plates! they are so fun and cheery!

    Happy Rednesday!

  21. There is something about polka dots that make people happy! This dishware is great. I love the Pottery Barn!. Thanks for sharing. I'm a follower!

  22. Hey Sweet Bee! I love the drinks you mention for your polka dot mugs. Mmmmm! Also, that to-go Starbucks cup is so adorable. Make one happy just looking at it. They have gone a bit "sophisticated" or something now.
    You are so lucky to live where you can pick strawberries. Those are huge. I remember doing that as a kid back in Oklahoma...boy, was it hot!

    Happy REDS~

  23. Such cute polka dot dishes! :-)

  24. Why are we all so drawn to polka dots? One of lifes mysteries I guess! I got the bags Monday and forgot them in the car last night so I haven't got to use them yet!

  25. Hi Sweet Bee,
    I love those PB dishes, I bought them NOT on clearance. Mine got really chipped up, probably because I put them in the dishwasher. I love 'em anyway. Great post! Lisa
    PS There are about 20 Lisa's commenting on this post. LOL

  26. You can't go wrong with polka dots! Those are great!


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