Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shhhh...It's a Secret Garden Swap

I am so excited to participate in this swap put together by Sarah at My So Called Junky Life.  Her inspiration for the swap was one of my favorite books, The Secret Garden.

This was so much fun and I just got everything off in the mail today to Carol at Heirlooms for You.  I just can't wait to show you what I put together.  (I was always the kid at the birthday party saying to the birthday girl, "Open mine!  Open mine!  Open mine!"  I couldn't wait for them to open it.)
Since our inspiration was a book I packed everything in this papier mache book I found at Michaels. A little painting, some scrapbook paper, and the most gorgeous rose from Karen at the Graphics Fairy.

And then I -

Stamped some muslin with a lock and key.  I tea-dyed it too.
Put in some lace and ribbons.

Found some vintage hankies and a doily.
Made a little notebook.  Worker Bee did not get the "Shhhh...." but Sewing Bee did.  Do you know why I put that?
Threw in a little coaster and drink cover.  I'm afraid the glass didn't make the trip. I stitched the buttons on the doily and tea-dyed it too.
Mod-podged a sweet little frame from Michaels.
And threw in a few little extras.  

I sure had fun but now my kitchen is a mess and I need to clean up the remnants of this creativity binge.

Now that I'm done I'm wondering what book would you use to inspire a swap?  

Little House on the Prairie?

Anne of Green Gables?

Green Eggs and Ham?

Thanks for stopping by!  
The kitchen door is always open for you here at Sweet Bee Cottage.  And maybe you can help me pick up my mess around here while we visit.


  1. Everything is so lovely! She'll be so lucky and excited to get these beauties!!

  2. You have made the sweetest things! Lucky gal.

  3. Definitly Ann of Green Gables. I just finished watching the entire series and I loved it. They sort of lost me at the end with the WAR.
    But other wise I loved all of it.
    Yep..Ann of Green Gables. I don't think Green Eggs and Ham inspire me.. :) I must have read that hundreds of times when Dawn was tiny!

    Thank you for your comment on the "bike" and hubbys fun times.

    I think your book box all put together is just adorable. Sooo creative! They will certainly love it.
    Did I say Ann of Green Gables?? :)


  4. Very nice! Love it to pieces...Life is Good!!!!

  5. What an absolute treasure you are sending.

    I keep meaning to ask you.

    Did you do the drawing in your header?

    It is sooo neat.

    Everytime I come here I ooh and ahh over it!

    Happy Sunday.

  6. Oh! What lovelies! And how cool to do a swap with a book!! Sounds fun! Enjoy your goodies!
    Happy Sunday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. What a lovely swap idea. Your package is so beautiful and so many wonderful ideas. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. What clever and pretty gifts. I know she was so excited when she opened her package. laurie

  9. What a wonderful gift for anyone to receive. I could get inspired by Anne of Green Gables. Are'nt swaps fun?

  10. What a fun swap! I love Anne of Green Gables.


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