Monday, April 12, 2010

So What Do You Want to Eat from the Kitchen Garden?

That's what we have a lot of right now,  but when you look where we started . . . 
two ginormous liquidambar trees lifting sidewalks, foundations, 
a ton of unseasoned (and uncut) firewood
to deciding we could finally plant a kitchen garden of raised beds
to painting everything black
to assembling them Lincoln Log style with L brackets
to stakes used every 18 inches to hold it all together
to buying 1 1/2 cubic yards of compost to fill these beauties
to laying out the squarefoot garden
to laying out the plan
to getting some herbs started before the rains came.

So I guess we have a bit more than dirt to offer.  Would you like some sage or parsley?  

(Oh dear, don't tell my principal what a HUGE run-on sentence I just wrote.  Please don't read my blog for grammar tips.  I mean I try to do it right, but sometimes you just have to write the way you talk, do you agree?)

Worker Bee and I are both SO excited to get this project started and now just have the fun of planting and gardening.  We will have herbs, vegetables and a cutting flower garden.  

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.  

By the way, does anybody have a great NO pesticide solution for slugs and snails?  We've got them bad!
I'm linking up today with the party at All Things Related with Rebekah and Bridgette.

Did you know they picked my birthday projects as one of their favorites?  I was all giggly and goofy over it. I am SO flattered. 

 Oooh - what was that noise?  Yes it was my ginormous head being popped by the Worker Bee's stinging wit!  Don't worry with the Worker Bee on board nothing will go to my head!

Be sure to check out the other goings on over at All Things Related.

And thank you  for coming by for a visit!  
I'll be sure to share some zucchini with you when they are ripe.

Happy Gardening!

For those of you who visit with me quite a bit, yes, you have seen some of these pictures before, but I think they need to be there to tell the whole story.  Hope you don't mind!


  1. grow some red bell peppers too, then when your zucchini are ready, you can make zucchini relish- it's a relish made with zucchini that has a bread and butter pickle type of flavor. My great-grandma used to make it. sososososo good. Lucky girl. wish I had a kitchen garden!

  2. Diatamaceous (ms) Earth will kill will beer put in lids in the ground..they go to the beer fall in and drown..I kid you not!!
    You should of seen my best friend and I buying beer at the store for this project!! Scared we would run into "Church" people and we would have to explain..we were so I hope it works for you.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Oh my....tomatoe, pepper, eggplant zucchini, HERB HERB HERB!!!!!
    Don;t get me goin' in the middle of the night about what to plant ( or I will be in the dirt with a flazhlight making our neighbor CRAZEEEEEEE ;o)

  4. I just planted four Roma tomato plants yesterday. Tomatoes are so high right now, so I am hoping to get a few off the plants :-)

  5. My favorite veg. from the garden is Yellow Squash! Your planters are AWESOME! Thanks for linking up to Anything Related! AND..thanks for posting our buttons! :)

  6. Your garden beds look so neat and tidy. You should scan your plans and let us see your layout.

    I believe run on sentences are a form of "poetic license" on a blog, don't you agree? :)

  7. I hate it when math is involved in doing something fun! It's going to be such a blast following the progress of that garden. For the slug problem, you could always try good old Jerry Baker's concoctions. You fill shallow pans with beer and put them in the garden. They'll drown in it, and you're supposed to then follow their slimy trail to find their daytime resting spot. Then you're supposed to apply aluminum sulphate. I've done the beer thing, but never followed their trail. Also you can roll up wet newspapers and set them in the garden, and overnight they'll crawl inside there. But then the next morning, you're left with live slugs! Ok, that was very long-winded, and I should have just e-mailed you!
    No, I'm not surprised that your birthday projects were picked as favorites. I still love that cake!
    Have a great day!
    p.s. Happy Anniversary to you and Worker Bee! I really need to check your blog every day!

  8. I've heard you can put shallow dishes of beer around...I believe they crawl in and drown. If it doesn't work you can drink it and then you won't care about the snails.LOL!
    PS Your garden is dreamy and I'm a soft shade of pea green with envy.:)

  9. Congrats on being featured! It's looking fabulous! ...and yep, the drowning-slugs-in-beer worked for us, too! Dig a little hole and place the top of the cup of beer (about 1/2 full) gground level and those stoopid slugs dive right in. Socore! My hubby is a minister and he had to go out of town to buy the beer... weeeeeee!

  10. Well, I was going to be silly and tell you that ducks like to eat slugs and snails! But, they really do! The beer thing though does work. The raised beds look great! Anything to not have to bend over too much to weed! Kim

  11. Hi, just popped over from Garden of Daisies. I've heard that the shallow plates of beer works, also. I love my square foot garden but your's are much prettier than mina!

  12. OHHH..they turned out beautiful! Just beautiful! I am so disappointed that I won't get to have at least one! I am so glad you got to do yours!! Those will last forever. I love the way you painted them. So cute...
    I will just have to come and visit yours. :):)

  13. slugs and clue on how to get rid of them. I would tell you a story of my desperate fight to rid out yard of them once many years ago..but...maybe I best not.
    I even bought a goose once because I heard they would eat them. Mind didn't. :( I can't say as I blamed her.

  14. What beautiful raised beds you have to play in...As far as the snails and slugs, I've tried them all. I have to say the picking by hand is one of the best. I've also had some luck with egg shells. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

  15. wow looks like a lot of work.but I am sure in time you will be blessed by all your toil...Thank you also for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate the kind gesture. Hugs to you and best to you with this project!!! I hope to see how it all grows soon! Mica

  16. We always grow tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers. I can't wait to see the garden all grown and ready to pick.
    Can we not use run on sentences on our blogs? I sure do! I never write for grammar to be checked :)

  17. I love the idea of raised garden beds. You two did a great job.

    Don't worry about the grammar! There is a time for being proper and a time to just let it flow!

    Our closet doors are closed, problem is there is so much stacked in front of them we can't get them opened! But we're working on it!

  18. You are really going to enjoy your garden! Love the raised beds!...Debbie

  19. Okay first of all before I forget, I put a bowl of beer in the ground, below ground or at ground level, you know what I mean. The slugs fall into the bear and it is all over for them. Unfortunately I have a neighborhood dog that likes to drink it as well. Next I wanted to say thank you for your well wishes, my cold is finally gone. I did post about you and the other well wishers on my Silver Sunday post with a link to you. Thanks.

  20. Great job on your new raised beds...I hope you get the snail/slug problem solved. Do you know how to get rid of desert rabbits that eat up my garden?

  21. I laughed at your comment on my blog. Now I know what hard labor you and your bees have done. But when it all starts growing you'll feel like a happy plant-mom. I'm a really bad person. I don't want to kill the wild life, so I throw them in my neighbor's yard, since they only grow crabgrass anyway. Are you aching all over like me? Mmm, can I have some of your zucchini?

  22. Great job! Although I have to admit that I'm jealous - I've always wanted raised beds. Square-foot is something I've been meaning to try - time for a new gardening book (like I need one)!

  23. you've been a busy little bee! can't wait to see it when it's full of ripe *goodies!*


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