Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've Been Thriftin'!

Had to share with you some recent finds at my local thrift store and consignment store.

First, a sweet little find at the thrift store.  I don't usually find a lot of great finds there, but this was sitting in the window and I just had to have it for the summer.  It's not vintage although I think it looks like it is.  
The vintage tablecloth I already had.  These hobnail plastic glasses were a Target find a few years ago. 
Can't you just see us enjoying an icy cold lemonade or refreshing iced tea out on the patio?  Or maybe a cocktail?  This is just $3 for some easy summer livin'!
The next thing I found was this sweet little mug at the consignment store.  It's a Spode mug.  It's really too small for my lattes, but it's the perfect size for taking my vitamins and medicine with.  It looks so cute next to the little basket we keep our pill boxes in.  It matches our vintage 1951 kitchen tile perfectly!  All that for $1.50!
Finally, we come to the best find of the day.  
Four place settings of an old Spode pattern called Chelsea Wicker.  It was in production from 1954 -2003.  I'm pretty sure this is older rather than newer.  I got all these pieces for $20.  
The owner of the consignment store thinks there might be some other pieces around and she'll call me when she finds them.  I have loved this pattern for a long time.  It is so sweet and versatile.  
Now what will I do with them?  First, they need a really good bath and then - I'm not sure, but I'm thinking about using them every day once "My New Love" gets installed in the kitchen.  And no, we're not making any progress on that yet.  Summer vacation is always the time when teachers get most of their home improvement projects done.

Oh I have to show you this lamp I found at the store too.  I can't say I adore the entire lamp, but the shade is so cool to me.  I might have to go back for it. What do you think?

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my latest finds.  I always like to see the incredible bargains others find.

What have you found lately?  C'mon, let's go for a coffee and talk about it.

By the way - I know there's quite a few thrifty blog parties out there, but which ones do you go to?  When are they?  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks!


  1. Great finds! Love the Spode wicker weave dishes. Mumzie :)

  2. I love that lamp. The shade makes it. Better go get it! :)

  3. Wonderful finds. And yes, that lamp shade is a good'un!

  4. That set of dishes is just lovely. I have never seen it before. I am looking for additional pieces to a white set that I have and so far no luck. I have the plates and nothing else. It's such a thrill when you find something you just love!
    About the lamp.
    I found a pair of the most gorgeous lead crystal candle sticks..and my heart skipped a beat. I wanted them so bad but felt like I had bought enough already. We left. The following morning I thought better of my decision and rushed back to buy them..and they were GONE! This was as a Salvation Army store...and in just those few hours before the store close...someone bought them. The same happened with a lovely Blue Willow platter...it also was gone.
    When something really strikes you...and YOU like it..get it.
    But that's just me. I try to think that IF were I meant to have it, it would still have been there..but sometimes I just feel plain stupid for not having grabbed it and thought later! :)
    So...there you have it!
    Hugs ..

  5. You got some great things! I love Spode, I've got some blue and white.

  6. Great Finds...love it all...thrifting is such fun..blessings

  7. I can't believe all the great finds you find!!! I just don't seem to be that lucky in AZ.



  8. I just love those dishes! I am looking for a pretty white set, hope I find something like that!

  9. I have my Grandma's china which is also Spode and very similar to yours - has the wicker pattern but with little painted flowers. Since I only see out of the cabinet once a year, I can't remember the name of the it. $20 seems like quite a steal - well done! -amy

  10. There is always a treasure waiting at the thrift store. We just have to be willing to go search for it. Looks like you found some great items!

  11. I collect the regular green depression glass as well as the vaseline. I also like clear. But the greens are my favorite!

  12. I'm so glad that you came to visit my blog because now I know about you. I have signed to follow you and will be back often.

    I love your thrifty finds. I'm all about thrifting and stores like Habitat and Goodwill. Never know what you'll find. Just like your great dishes.
    I like the shade on the lamp. Pretty cool looking.


  13. Love your finds! Looks like we love the same style of things--I would have grabbed those, too!

    I LOVE hobnail glasses--my family just laughs at me because I just can't pass them up! And those dishes--yikes! LOVE them! My oldest daughter's name is Chelsea, so I'd just have to have those, too!

    I would definitely RUN back for that lamp--who cares about the base, you NEED that shade! It's just wonderful!

    Hope your day is terrific--think I'll be heading out to some thrift stores today--you've inspired me!

  14. Oh I'm really loving that shade. It is gorgeous. You got some amazing items, for a great deal...Like you I don't usually get great deals at thrift stores,,but when I do..oh wow! Thanks for sharing. Loved the pictures.

  15. You found some great things...especially the Spode! Gorgeous! Happy week!...Debbie

  16. I really like the green holder you picked up - I think it is a great find. And those glasses from Target...love them!


  17. Great find on the white dishes! I have never heard of that pattern. They are so versatile, too.
    You asked if my dishes were vintage restaurant ware - and yes, they are. I'll have to do a post on them sometime.

    Do go and get that cute lampshade! It is so unique.


  18. LOVE THE SPODE!!!!!
    I had to catch my breath...
    Great find !
    You also have found some great things!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Love the dishes! And that lamp is way cool!
    Sure am enjoying your blog. Your photos are stunning.
    I was so inspired by your stump mosaic project!
    Have a sweet weekend!


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