Monday, November 30, 2009

The Transformation of Sweet Bee Cottage to...

Welcome to Candy Cane Cottage!

Special thanks to Tracey of Notes from a Cottage Industry for hostessing this special tour through blogland.

Please enjoy this delicious peppermint mocha I made especially for you while we visit for awhile.  Let me tell you a little bit about our holiday traditions....

I don't know how I talk Worker Bee into going along with me, but at Christmas time we change the name of our house.  We decorate the outside with candy cane themed items and give away candy canes to guests to our cottage.

The kitchen goes through a transformation too - we call it Gingerbread Kitchen!  Are you with me on this? Well, let me show you...

I have several Christmas pillows from Amy at Into Vintage.  She does the best work.

This is probably one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  The child's vintage stove photo is from a line of cards at Walmart from a few years ago.  I bought a white mat and an "oak" frame.  I just painted it with red acrylic craft paint.  The colors and picture just charm me!  Wouldn't you like to have been the little girl that opened that up on Christmas morning?

Even Baby Bee gets in on the action....

Baby Bee has her own tree.  It is decorated with many Mary Engelbreit ornaments I've collected over the years.  When she was a baby her nursery was all primary colors - red, blue, yellow, with touches of white and green - the tree was a perfect fit then.  The colors don't match her room now, but this is our tradition and we're sticking to it.

There's even a touch of Christmas in the bathroom...

Have I gone too far?

Up next is our guest room/craft studio...

Here's a quick stop in our dining room/sunroom....

And finally a few peeks at our living room...

This little vignette is another favorite of mine.  The More Creative Friend made this little set of JOY letters and I added "to the" to set off Worker Bee's globe collection.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed your peppermint mocha while you visited.

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?
Which ones touch your heart?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Little Sneak Peek...

Thought you might like to see a little preview of what I've been working on...

I hope you can come back soon to see more.

Thank you for stopping by and please let me know if you enjoyed your visit.
I'm making peppermint mochas tomorrow.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Sweet Vintage Cherry Handbag

You can't just call this a purse.  You have to call her by her old-fashioned name - a handbag.

This sweet little handbag and I have only known each other a couple years
and I know she still has many stories to tell.

Did she go to church on Sundays?

Did she only go out for Saturday errands?

Did she lunch with the ladies?

Did she belong to some sweet young thing or to the sweetest little granny you can imagine?

Well, she now belongs to me and I treasure her.
She has gone shopping, she has gone to dinners, and she has gone out on the town.
She knows no boundaries now
(except when she won't hold everything)!

She came to live with me after a heated bidding war on ebay!  I have seen similar ones on ebay.  I thought of starting a collection, but quickly decided one was enough.

Thanks once again to Cindy from My Romantic Home for hosting our weekly little get together.  Please sure to stop by and see what other treasures await your visit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a blessed day and thank you for coming to visit!

I appreciate your comments and your quick stops by Sweet Bee Cottage.

Uh oh!  Better get back to finishing the mashed potatoes and sweet onion zucchini bake.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome My Special Guest Blogger....

Today I welcome someone very dear to my heart to my blog.
You've met her before, but this is her first post.

We started with a discussion about what to blog about over some hot chocolate and a white mocha...

And she decided she wanted to write about some of her favorite things in her room.

So please give a warm welcome to Baby Bee!

I got this at Cat Haven and do you want to know when I  got it?  I got it on a field trip. Cat Haven is a place where wildcats are saved.

When I went on a long car trip (13 states in 15 days) I watched
 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 on mommy's laptop.
I got this poster from a friend of my mommy's.

I made this in second grade.It was so much fun to do.
But there is some stuff that grosses me out.
The intestines really gross me out.
Did you know if you got your small intestine and stretched it out, it would be 20 feet long?

The reason I am showing this is that we forgot to paint on a fresh new coat of paint when we painted my desk and chair.
 HAHAHAHAHAhaha Hey how come no one is laughing with me, especially my mommy.

My Sweet Bee mom painted this for me. She's the best bee mom ever.
This is hand painted not spray painted.

I am not sure where I got these things.
Sweet Bee Mom says she just bought these things for me.
Well I sure like them.

This is my iPod. It's small, isn't it? But I like it. It is so much fun to listen to.

P.S. I miss Worker Bee.

It would just make Baby Bee's day if you could leave a comment.  I hope you can!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll have some of that hot chocolate ready for you the next time.