Thursday, October 15, 2009

Books are My Friends

We read.  Put simply the entire Bee Family (all three of us) are readers.  One of my happiest moments as a parent was when Baby Bee was in first grade and she came home with a Junie B. Jones book and read the whole thing to me.  The first gift I ever got Baby Bee (when she was 7 days old and still in the NICU) was Goodnight Moon.  Worker Bee and I are so content when we can spend a cozy weekend in a bed and breakfast with a stack of books.  Our favorite date night always includes a trip to a bookstore.  But sometimes our ambitions collide with our time demands, so what do we do with all (or should I say some) of our books?

We turned the original dining room (really an area) into our library.  We found unfinished bookcases that were seven feet tall and we bought four of them.  I painted them white and the backs of them a dark, yet also bright, green.  They are filled to capacity.  They are bursting with words, paragraphs, pages, and more.  There are classics, contemporary fiction, junkfood fiction, gardening books, cook books, craft books, resource books, old text books, travel books, children's books and more.  We have a wing chair (that the Fabulous Phyllis slipcovered for us), a reading light, and a cozy quilt to snuggle into and read.  It's one of my very favorite places to read.   (Trust me, there are many cozy little spots like that in Sweet Bee Cottage.)

Where is you favorite place to read?

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  1. How funny that I clicked "Next Blog" and happened by your little corner of the world! We LOVE to read over here, too and our office is a solid wall of bookshelves, also bursting to capacity. There is nothing quite like a cozy chair, a hot mug and a good book!


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