Saturday, October 24, 2009

A little before and after for Baby Bee....

Now that Baby Bee is in third grade, she needed her own little space for homework and special projects.  She is definitely at that 'tween age.

To help her find a space of her own, we took a desk that we'd been storing in the garage and a chair we'd had for about 15 years and painted them.  I used the paint with the primer already in it from Home Depot and loved it.  The coverage was great and it only took two coats.  The chair was sprayed with Peekaboo Blue by Krylon that I picked up at Walmart.  Baby Bee picked the blue to start to get a little bit away from all the pink and green.

We also had the Fabulous Phyllis sew a dust ruffle and a hamper liner for her.  The trundle bed from the guest room was moved into her room and the bed was centered on the wall with bookcases I repainted a couple years ago.  We put in a full length mirror, hung a couple of accordian racks we bought here.  The pink and green paint job with the scallops was done about 3 years ago.  Her bedding is a Rachel Ashwell pattern we bought at Mervyn's about 5 years ago.

After all was done, Baby Bee LOVED it.  She is doing a much better job keeping her room picked up and she feels so grown up with the way the furniture is placed.  Her favorite change is the wall lamp we attached to her bookcase for a cozy little reading light.

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  1. You blog today brought back so many memories of my Mother helping me re-do my room as a girl. I have been a decorator wanna be since I could walk. We were not rich people so it was a big deal to fix my room up. Sometimes it was only rearranging furniture, and to this day I love to make a room new by just moving things around. But on really good days a new comforter or other goody inspired a whole new look. Thanks for sharing, you have a lucky girl. Lisa

  2. Those hankie tie backs are perfect. It's so sweet that your little Bee has vintage touches in her room. -amy


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