Monday, October 12, 2009

Gotta' get me some of that!

Oh dear, my third graders would be horrified with that headline.  Not using a subject pronoun?  For shame! It just does not sound like the proper grammar I teach them.  I would like to have some of that - much better.  So what do I need to have?  Some proper Halloween Spirit, that's what!  With fair set up, school carnival, a family reunion, counting money for my school's jogathon, and Worker Bee's birthday, this house is not at all festive.

Tonight I unpacked my six crates of Halloween decor.  Well, truth be told, one of the crates is filled with old Halloween costumes and another is filled with goody bags, paper napkins, and other such stuff.

Well it's all out now.  I certainly can't just leave it there like that, could I?

Please come back to see where it all ends up in Sweet Bee Cottage.

Thanks for coming by!

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  1. Hi!

    I just saw a comment you had left on "Into Vintage" and thought I would stop by....what a cute blog! I also love her things, pillows and such! I have had my Blog up and running for two months now and I have met some of the nicest folks! Please stop by and say hello! Sandy @ I have a vibntage 40's kitchen feel to my blog, so I bet you will enjoy it! :) Take care!


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