Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More table settings.....

Hello again!

I have more to show you from the County Fair set up.  The rules limit the tables to ten entries.  We were lucky to get in this year.  Last year.......oh I just can't go there......... we were not so lucky.  (Trust me, it's a long, bitter story.)  So, to get back to the the set up.  Most of the tables were done by the time we were finished so I was able to get some pictures of them to share with you.

The County Fair has several categories for the tables and you can choose what you want to enter.  One of our tables was for the fair theme, "How the West Was Fun."  Here is one of the other entries in this category.........

Cute, isn't it?

There was another Christmas table and a Halloween table........

I really liked their place cards.  They were little wreaths on a stand.  Their plates were lovely.

This Christmas table was pink.  It was very sweet looking.

This Halloween table didn't photograph that well, but it was really nice looking in person.  They layered the tablecloths of purple and a black iridescent sheer fabric.  Their centerpiece was nice and creepy.

Here are pictures of the other tables.......

Looks like a harvest table.  Didn't get a chance to ask.  This one isn't quite finished.  She was also going to have wines from our local university. That's a nice touch.

Dinner for two on New Years Eve!  They also weren't quite done.  A husband and wife were working on this table.  This table just sparkled. The pictures don't do it justice.

Do you love tomatoes?  Obviously this person does.  We didn't get to meet this exhibitor, but it was ALL ABOUT TOMATOES.   Tomato dishes, tomato linens, tomato menu, and tomato centerpiece.  Fun, but I don't think I would want all those tomato dishes.

Love the Ferris wheel?  That was a lot of work on that centerpiece.  Their idea was a family get together breakfast right before heading out to the fair.  What a charming idea!

Well it's your turn to be the judge.  Who would you give Best of Show?  Which was your favorite Christmas table or fair theme table?  I hope you know who I would vote for!  :)

We also entered the Christmas tree decorating exhibits.  Last year we got Best of Show.  That was a thrill!  Come back soon to see our tree.  You might be surprised by how we decorated a tree to show "How the West Was Fun."

Thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. These are wonderful! Years ago I used to set my table for every holiday in the "dining room", you know that place you go once or twice a year to eat in? It got to be too much, so now I just do it when I actually have guests! Thanks for the great photos, they gave me some good ideas! Your fair looks awesome!


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