Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween at Sweet Bee Cottage Part 1

What is it about Halloween that makes me have so much fun with the decorating?  I kind of like the cuter side of Halloween, but a little creepy is fun too.

Somthing new this year is the 31 in the frame.  I have to admit I saw this on someone else's blog.  Shame on me, but I can't remember where.  I just used my trusty Cricut and some scrapbook paper I picked up at Michael's.  The frame was from Walmart.  Simple, but to the point.

The More Creative Friend and I made these several years ago.  I know it was from before Baby Bee was born.  We based it on something from Family Circle or Woman's Day.  They used nylon, but that involved sewing.  Why sew when a glue gun is quicker and easier?  These are made out of felt that we cut from their pattern and then glued together.  Some of these also live in the kitchen.

This is our sofa table and it's one of the first things you see when you enter the living room.  Many of the things on this table have been picked up from Target over the years.  Can you see the black hobnail pedestal cakeplates?  I got those from Fabulous Phyllis at her darling shop Sawdust & Stitches.  (She promised I could blog about the shop when they are ready for Christmas - which is soon.)  The apothecary jar is also from Sawdust & Stitches.  It's filled with some deliciously creepy things.

These Halloween treat bags and buckets have all been used by Baby Bee over the years.  Baby Bee also lets me use her ghosts for Halloween too.  You never know where they might end up!

This is our breakfast nook.  Probably Baby Bee's favorite Halloween decorations are the cat pillow and the pumpkin pillow.  Why do you ask?  The cat meows when you squeeze its tail and the pumpkin plays a spooky fugue when you squeeze its leaf.  Tomorrow Baby Bee's cousins come over for breakfast before school.  I know there will be lots of squeezin' tomorrow morning!

Here's something new this year.  I picked up this wire cake stand from Gooseberry Patch.  More creepies under the cake dome are just the right touch, don't you think?  Baby Bee loved it!

These are some lanterns I picked up at Dollar Tree last year.  Didn't do much with them then, but now I tied them to our entry ceiling fixture.  Got that idea from Magpie Ethel.

I hope you can come by again.  There's even more Halloween to come!

Thanks for visiting!

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