Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a Few Family Treasures

My mom, Sewing Bee, recently moved out of her home of 28 years to a much smaller house (the green cottage - we haven't named it yet) and she had to get rid of a lot of stuff.  As we helped her pack we came across little treasures that I was lucky enough to be able to claim for myself.
(no, not the red chair, I just thought it looked cute with the treasures)

I had never seen this checkerboard and box before.  My mom told me that this was my grandpa's and this is exactly how he kept his set of this match box.  
There's something about the whole story that just touched me. 
 I can picture my grandpa (who always smelled of oil and car grease AND Doublemint gum - that combination of smells - which I don't run across very often - always takes me back to being a kid at Grandma and Grandpa's) with his grin asking my mom or her sister to come play checkers with him after a long day of working on cars.  
Another treasure my brother didn't mind that I took is this barn and silo.
I can always remember it being at Grandma and Grandpa's when we were kids in the 70s.  
I have no idea how old it is, but my mom didn't remember it from her childhood.  It also had barn animals and  white corral fencing, but those parts are gone now.  
My mom had it in a toy basket for the grandkids to play with at her old house, but all the grandkids are too old to play with it.  
Well today we're off to the Big County Fair!  Baby Bee is dancing with her dance group there.  Looking forward to having some yummy fair food.  I'll have to take pictures to share with you!

Thanks for buzzing in today!


  1. Sweet treasures. I had a barn like that one, complete with silo. I am sure it must be in my parent's attic. :)

  2. What memories of your grandfather!! Your treasures are so sweet.

  3. WONDERFUL items of the best sort -- full of memories :)


  4. Thanks for sharing your sweet stories. What fun treasures you get to keep in your heart and in your home.

  5. Oh these are so precious. Red and checks and yellows and vintage. All my faves. And so much more special by the fact that they are from your family.

  6. sweet treasures, love the litho barn and silo. i've been spending lots of time with my parents helping them decide on there new, smaller abode... and clearing out all kinds of goods from forty plus years of residence.

    in fact, i just brought back a box of surprises today, and i think there might be something to do a 'give-away', maybe this week.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. What a wonderful bunch of memories! My grandpa always smelled of pipe tobacco, oil and grease (he was a mechanic) and fruit stripe gum... which he kept in a mason jar, hanging on a hook! Thanks for reminding ME of a family memory.


    PS and I LOVE the barn and silo ;)

  8. I know you must be in love with your treasures...I would be!! I love county fairs and never miss the 4H animals!!


  9. Such cool treasures...and better yet, they are connected to YOUR family! :)

  10. I just love family treasures with a story behind them to share with ones own children and grandchildren! Your memories of your grandpa are precious-funny the thinks that stink in our minds from our childhood.

  11. Love your sweet treasures ~ what fond memories they hold. ;-)

  12. I LOVE the barn and silo!!!! I was just looking at a picture of a toy barn that was used as Christmas decor... in the Farm Chicks book. I want to find one too!


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