Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Table Settings from the Big County Fair

The More Creative Bee and I have entered the table setting contest at the Big County Fair for over 10 years together.  You can see our entry here.

But one of the fun things is to see the other tables set up.  I thought you might enjoy that too!

This table is our one and only competition!  The table settings have several categories and this one is also in the fair theme category.  The fair theme this year is "A Jungle of Fun."

A bit more sophisticated look than ours.

The lady who put this one together said she got a lot of the items from Dollar Tree.

I'm not sure if the dishes were from there too, but I like her interpretation of the theme.

This was a cute little dinner for two.....
Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus.  
Sadly, this is the only picture I took that turned out.
Another holiday table.....Easter!
 Nice and springy!
 I loved the little chicks in the nest that were the place cards.
We did an Easter table a few years ago.  The Fabulous Phyllis sewed the tablecloth for me while she was really, really sick.  I loved it!  You can see it here.
This table was a paean to our local university.
 Go Bulldogs!  (We just won't talk about the Ole' Miss game.)
 I had to put this picture in even though it's blurry.  The centerpiece is by a local artist, Margaret Hudson, who does these animal pieces that have the sweetest faces. 

 I love her work!

I didn't get to meet the person who put this table together, but from what others said, I have the feeling the plates might have been the inspiration. 
 My pictures don't do it justice.  These plates are gorgeous.  The table setting rumor mill was that they are from Pier 1.
Love the silver placemat too!

And the last table for today is an autumnal celebration.
(Did you know that autumnal is one of my favorite words of ALL TIME?  I love using it at this time of the year.)

Well, tomorrow I should learn the results for our table and our tree!  

I am so excited!  Wonder if we got best in show again!  

And just 4 more days to enter my Amazon.com $25 gift card and $10 Starbucks card giveaway!
Yep!  Just 4 more days!  Don't be late!
 Please stop by here to leave your comment so you can be entered!

Thanks for coming by!  Tomorrow the big winter like rain storm is coming (sorry, winter weather for us is just rain) and I am so excited to make Susan Branch's Corn Chowder.  Did you see her post on this recipe?  Worker Bee picked up all the ingredients today.  Yum!  Now if I could only find gorgeous soup bowls like hers!  

It's been a treat to see you!  
P.S.  I'll have more pictures of the other tables soon!  More pretties to come!

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  1. All the tables are so pretty! Lots of great ideas to borrow.:)

  2. It is always fun to see tablescapes! I am going now to check out your entry! Good Luck!

  3. So many pretty tables.. thanks for sharing all the pictures with us.. gleaned a few great ideas.. xo marlis

  4. Holy Moly...I practically LIVE at Pier 1, but I have not seen those floral dishes there They are fabulous!!! Just fabulous!!!

  5. So many beautiful tables. Love them all. Thanks for sharing these lovely settings. Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. Thanks for an opportunity to see so many great tables! The corn chowder sounds perfect right now.

    Susan and Bentley

  7. How cool is this?! I didn't know there were competitions for tablesetting! Thanks for sharing:)


  8. The county fair is always such fun, and even more so when you are one of the exhibitors! My girls were in 4-H when I homeschooled and brought home many a trophy and ribbon from their projects. My youngest even did tablesettings for a couple years. These are all such fun and pretty settings. Good luck on yours, I hope you bring home the prize!

  9. I enjoyed seeing the lovely table ideas. One of the large mega churches in our area does a womens tea in May with each hostess decorating her table and inviting friends to the event. It is fun to walk around and see the tables and their spring table ideas.

  10. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tables...many talented tablescapers.

  11. So many inspirational tablescapes. I love that there is a tablescaping rumor mill. Thank you for taking us along to the fair. Cherry Kay


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