Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Jungle of Fun!

Whew!  One project done, checked off, sayonara!

It has been Big County Fair time at Sweet Bee Cottage (plus progress reports, school carnival, Worker Bee's birthday, etc.) and I have been a busy little bee working on our table and Christmas tree.  The More Creative Bee and I have entered the table setting contest and and the Christmas tree decorating contest at the fair for at least 10 years now.  (We've done it for so long that we can't remember how long it's been now.  Sad, but true.)  

This year the fair theme is
 "A Jungle of Fun!"

And boy did we have fun!  A few weeks ago we got together and brainstormed how we wanted to carry out the theme.
Yum....crocodile bites and rainforest canopy green salad to eat!  Yumptious!  Thirsty?  Jungle Juice or Iced Mango Green Tea are your beverages of choice.

We used white tulle as an underskirt - trying to give the impression of mosquito netting.  Over that we put a purchased brown tablecloth (from Anna's Linens).

Now remember, this is the county fair we're talking about so we just imagined that the jungle animals were having their own fair.  Some of the first things we think of at the fair are horse racing (don't ask) and the ferris wheel.  

So the centerpiece was a track we made out of felt and astroturf.
That More Creative Bee found a ferris wheel model to build and that was the start of our infield fair.  
Here are the animals all lined up to ride the ferris wheel.  See them holding onto their balloons and cotton candy?  Yep, that More Creative Bee made the balloons out of paillettes and the cotton candy out of polyfill that she painted.  
We also had the larger animals participate in a race around the track.  
I made the little pennant banner for the finish line.  (And yes, the gorilla came in first! Hope you bet on him!)
Our plates were from Target in turquoise and lime green.  The brown flatware was some she picked up at a local grocery store chain in their clearance bins.  See the napkins?  This fabric was the inspiration for the whole table.  
See what happens when the More Creative Bee really gets going?  She hot glued jungle animals to each glass and some jungle colored leaves.  These were so cute!
One other thing that I did for the table was the place cards.  We couldn't believe our luck when we found jungle themed balsa wood frames at Michaels.  I colored them and we decided this was a family event so the guests were Mom, Dad, More Creative Bee, and Sweet Bee.
To finish it off, MCB put together a set of pennant banners to wrap the edge of the table using more of that cute jungle fabric!  
Frankly, all the credit for this cute table belongs to the More Creative Bee.  She worked her glue gunned fingers to the bone on this one.  And you can just catch a glimpse of her making final touches to the masterpiece (okay, she's really taking a picture, but it still looks like a good action shot).

I'll be back soon to share pictures of the other tables and our Christmas tree!

(And for those of you who know that lions and zebras and elephants are not exactly jungle animals, just know that our fabric inspired the whole design.  Worker Bee is very glad I'm letting you know that I don't think these critters actually live in the jungle. Remember?  Blame the fabric!)

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Thanks so much for buzzing in and I'm looking forward to having a bit more time for visiting with you all soon.  


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  1. That is so adorable! I love the jungle theme.

  2. LOVE your table -- great job with the theme! How is it possible that a year has passed since you posted last years county fair entry ;)


  3. You can certainly tell lots of time and love went into creating such an adorable table.
    It has fun written all over it.

  4. What a cute table! I thought those plates were Fiesta ware.

  5. I am always amazed at your creativity! I can hardly wait to see your table in person at the fair!

  6. Winner! Winner! This tablescape is the winner in my book! How creative and fun!

  7. Wow! How wonderful!! Highly creative, you should win. Take a picture of the other tables and post them, goodness how interesting it is!

  8. Yo, I'm buzzing to say that I totally understand the whole table theme thing. It IS a lot of work.
    You did a great job! Now.. get that well deserve cup of java.

    xo jeanne.
    bees knees bungalow.
    (No, am not always on Pinterest..hahhahaha.)

  9. YOu always do such a great job at tables. How fun for your daughter and you to have such talent.

  10. Love your theme.. great centerpiece too.. how entertaining for all. Love the napkins too.. fun and festive table. xo marlis

  11. It is so cute! I just love it! Thanks for sharing ,Joann

  12. Such a fun table. I am glad the gorilla won the race, I wouldn't want to have to argue with him about who won!
    The little ferris wheel is great. Are the turquoise plates current at Target? I have been looking for some.

  13. Very creative, and it sounds like you guys had a great time putting it all together! I wish we had something like that here in the Kansas City area. The nearest fair is in Sedalia, Mo., which is about 2 hours away. No way! Glad you have the opportunity, though! Continue to enjoy for the next umpteen years! :-) (That's cool when you've enjoyed something for so long you can't remember how long it has been!)

  14. So fun! Just adorable.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Now this is more fun than a trip to the fair! Love the whimsey of your table.

  16. What a cute post! Love the setting. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  17. How fun is this!? I love the little pennants at the finish line!

  18. This is my first visit to your cottage and what a fun way to get to know you! You and your friend have such great imaginations. If you believe the old Tarzan movies, zebras, elephants and lions are all jungle animals! Really enjoyed your table!

  19. Darling! I can hardly wait to share this with my daughter-in-love. Cherry Kay


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