Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Light Up My Corner

my mom's recent move has prompted several changes here at Sweet Bee Cottage too.

Some furniture has gone to consignment shops and to the Fabulous Phyllis and in return something new has come to a little corner of Sweet Bee Cottage.

We have this odd corner in our hallway.  Several years ago I found the perfect table to fit there, but I always knew that there was a better solution.

Well Fabulous Phyllis and I worked out a fabulous deal and I am now the proud owner of a corner cabinet.
Please avert your eyes from the things I don't know what I'm going to do with.
I am so excited about the possibilities!  

Yes, it's black and although I do really like black furniture, I don't think black is great for this spot.

I'm thinking about white with some colorful knobs....
(Couldn't stand to leave it empty - put a few of my milkglass pieces in and I love it.)

But really, my heart is saying paint it something bright.  That silly heart of mine is also saying paint it a cornflower blue.......with white milkglass knobs......and a white interior.
Maybe the opposite of on outside, white on inside.
 This looks like the perfect shade of blue....not too dark, but bright enough to wake you up.
 Love how this looks, but it's brights at Sweet Bee Cottage.
 Again, a great color, maybe a bit too intense, but it still draws my eye.
 This one has be rethinking the blue exterior and white interior - what a great pop of color.
And here's a classic!  Looks great, but I won't make mine quite so distressed.
 More blue to consider.
Love how they painted the thrift store chairs and how it looks with everything.

And, now here's a question for you.  
Do you think I can just paint over the black and not have bleed through?  
Should I strip it?  

Should I go for the milkglass knobs

 or whimsical
hobby lobby

so many to choose from at Hobby Lobby

or something more exotic?

My mind is buzzing!  I so want to get this done NOW!  
BUT - 
I have to get through report cards and parent teacher conferences and then - if the weather holds - this cabinet will be done by Thanksgiving!  

Of course, I'll show when it's done.
Thanks for buzzing by!
Hope you're staying warm and cozy where you are.  (Or cool if you're in the Southern Hemisphere.)
Soup season has started here at Sweet Bee Cottage.
We're trying a new potato soup recipe tonight that's cooking right now in the crock pot.  Smells divine!  


  1. I don't think you need to strip it, but I think you would have to paint it with some Kilz or some other primer first (I really am just guessing -- I have no expertise other than having friends that paint a lot of things and always just hit them with Kilz first).

    Love the intense Mediterranean blues -- but then, that's the color of my shutters and front door.

  2. I am totally thinking blue outside/white inside with some fun colorful knobs. Hobby Lobby has such cute ones. I have painted over black furniture before, but put a white primer coat on first, it came out fine. You may have to use two coats of blue paint though. Share you potato soup of our very favs.

  3. I totally love the idea of the white on the outside and blue on the inside. I also love the bottom ebay choice of milkglass knobs. Super cute. I agree with the primer first then paint. My husband built a rocket ship bookcase for my boys a couple of months ago and we painted the rocket ship body white and the inside back of the bookcase we painted a vibrant blue and it really made the shelf pop. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. woo-hoo girl, you are showing some great colors. As a matter of fact, one of them looks like my 100 year old wardrobe. My hubby painted it colonial blue to match my buffet in our family room that I posted about recently.

    (btw my old wardrobe had glass knobs on it)

  5. Soup sounds delightful this time of year. I love the look of the light pastel blue color for the outside of the furniture. Not sure about the inside. I'm no painter, but my hubby always says to strip it first, when in doubt! :)
    Hobby Lobby knobs to match the pastel blue paint...for sure!
    Have a great week!

  6. Oh, how fun! I vote for the outside of the cabinet to be white and blue on the inside, especially if you are going to display your milk glass collection in it.

  7. What a little home decor treasure! Perfect for that spot! HAVE fun whatever you decide will all look good. ENjoy the last of October :)

  8. It looks wonderful! Lucky you to get it--I have a corner hutch & love it!

    What a happy dilemma--so many wonderful choices to make! I LOVE those milkglass knobs!

    Wishing you a Happy Halloween, my friend!


  9. Oh how cute is this hutch!? I like it that you are taking your time to figure out the outcome of the piece. So many choices on those knobs! Have you considered using chalk paint? NO sanding or prepping needed. It may take several coats of CP to cover the black, but the paint is so forgiving.

    Have fun with it!


  10. So many choices. I love the traditional blue, but it really depends on what the rest of your room looks like.
    It's a reall find-whatever you decide to do with it!

  11. Aha! That is why there are so many blue cupboards on your Pinterest. You don't need to strip the paint, just put a primer on first. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  12. That is a fine corner cabinet you have there! I love the dark blue with the green the white milk glass knobs too, just sayin. I believe you will have to prime over the black paint before you paint the blue..I personally would like a little of that black showing through on the edges though, to give it a little character and age. Thanks for sharing your new piece. I'm off to catch up now!
    Take care, Dee


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