Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Little Change at Sweet Bee Cottage

Much of my time lately has been spent helping my mom organize her new little cottage - although there does seem to be a lot of moving boxes back and forth.  Worker Bee has been wonderful to my mom and has even gone over there and helped her when I didn't have time.

Well,  lucky me, because Sewing Bee has moved to a much smaller home, she is getting rid of some of her furniture and Sweet Bee Cottage has been the lucky recipient of these pieces.  Although....truth be told....this doesn't involve a piece from my mom, but because of her this table was liberated from our bedroom.

We have just had a giant furniture shuffle!  I love it!

These chairs were originally at the kitchen table, but when I got Mom's dining room table, I moved my dining room chairs to the kitchen.

So the old kitchen chairs went to the living room.  And....they temporarily had these boxes as a "side table."
after - still need to accesorize

This sweet wicker table had been in the sunroom, then was my nightstand (and oh my it was waaaaaay too small for a nightstand - I was always knocking things off of it in the middle of the night - but it looked great and I was all about the cute for awhile),
this is where the table used to live

and now I've put it between these two chairs you see as you enter our house.  The chairs and table are all from Pottery Barn.  I love them and I wish they would bring them back!

Other changes are in the works......wait till you see what I found for a corner in my hallway!  Let's just say there will be quite a bit of painting furniture in my future.  Oh boy!!!

Aren't you delighted with little changes?  And I just love how fresh something looks when you just move it to a new spot.  Cheapest decorating around!  Gotta' love that!

Thanks so much for buzzing in!


  1. Always nice to move things and get a fresh new look! I am happy that you are getting some items from your mom...have fun decorating!

  2. Nice wicker pieces... enjoy your new arrangement!

    Thanks for visiting my website. In response to your question...

    When I had a booth I drew off the size of it on my garage floor so I could pre-stage items and store them for easy access = no car in that side of the garage. I also had a hutch and/or table in my large dining room where I kept items. Now I keep some in an extra bedroom (some of my kiddos have flown the coop :). Clutter, unfortunately, comes with the territory.

    I'll check out your Etsy shop!

    Blessings, Leah :)

  3. It's always fun to change up things, especially if it doesn't involve money!

  4. Little changes always give me a lift. Love it!

  5. I love your wicker! I don't own even one piece.
    I'm getting ready for rearranging-I can't wait to give the place a face-lift!

  6. Wonderful how a bit of furniture switching can change a look completely. And you get a whole new look, without having to pay a dime!

  7. What an adorable blog! Jumped over from another and I am so very glad I did!
    OMG yours is the cutest Halloween background I have seen yet. Did you make it yourself?
    I love decorating, cooking, and COFFEE. I managed a gourmet coffee house in Easton, Md. for almost 2 years...been drinking it since I was about 12.
    Love your stuff, I'll be back. I'm putting you on my daily reads list.
    Very nice to meet you!


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