Monday, October 3, 2011

What? A Christmas Jungle of Fun?

Oh yes,

the More Creative Bee and I have also entered the Christmas Tree decorating contest at the Big County Fair for the past several years.  We have almost always entered the fair theme category and with the fair theme being, "A Jungle of Fun," we had to go for it again.

So how do you decorate a Christmas tree with a jungle theme?


What else could you do but

Jungle Bells! Jungle Bells!
Jungle all the way!

Oh yes we did.

We made Jungle Bells ornaments!

The More Creative Bee got that blessed hot glue gun out and glued jungle animals, holly leaves, and red ribbon harnesses/hanging loops to a bajillion jingle bells.

And what else?
Why jungle animals with Santa hats and Santa beards!
(Sorry, this was the least blurry shot I had.)

For a garland, dear Worker Bee cut up bamboo garden stakes and threaded them onto 50 lb. test fishing line.  

For another touch of jungle, I found plastic ornaments and painted them solid black with spray paint.
Don't they look like the bomb birds from Angry Birds?
They came in sleeves of 12 so I painted them in different patterns....
and....the one I forgot to take a picture of...
The elephant ones I just painted with gray craft paint and then used plastic wrap to give it a wrinkled look.

Oh yeah!  The tree topper....I found a foam pith helmet (and yes, I already knew that was what they are called) and hot glued on leopard print and red ribbon.  Wanted to add white fluffy, but it just wouldn't lay on the hat right.

And, of course, my uber talented friend, the More Creative Bee, created this tree skirt with red fleece, some printed felt letters she cut out and more holly leaves that she glued around the edge.  It's fantastic!
All the ornaments, tree topper, tree skirt, garland, anything you use is supposed to be hand made so the Christmas tree always is a ton of work.  I couldn't have finished my projects without that cute Worker Bee husband of mine.

The results of the judging will be available Wednesday and I'll let you now how we did with our tree and our table.

And I sure hope you take a moment and enter my birthday/2nd blogthday giveaway
I promise to ship your winnings quick!!!
(Poor Amy from my last giveaway had to wait patiently for a few weeks while I got it together.)

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on our table and for your visit.
It's supposed to rain this week and finally feel like fall! Yeah!
I'm thinking about making Susan Branch's Corn Chowder on our first rainy day!
I'll let you know how it turns out.  
Sounds yumptious to me!

I hope something yumptious (yummy meets scrumptious) is waiting for you this week too.

With honey,

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  1. Your Jungle Bells tree is adorable...hope you win!


  2. Jungle Bells, too cute. Your tree is so cleaver and adorable.

  3. Oh WOW!!! THat tree is so fun!! They have a big tree auction here for charity every year and everyone decorates with unique flair! So fun to go see them all. One of these days I'm going to win one and bring it home!
    I found the tea set at a little antique/vintage shopt not to far from my home. It's just luck what one happens to run across in these places.

  4. Hey girl, it's a jungle out there! That was some project. I have done a tree for "The Festival of Trees" here in UT. I know what a big undertaking that is. Very creative, I love it all!

  5. Adorable! Great job!
    I have a bunch of ideas for themed trees, I just don't have the space!

  6. I love it! My youngest daughter's school mascot is the leopard so you have given me lots of ideas for a school spirit tree! Great job!
    PS I did enjoy the HGTV mag and even think I might subscribe. It's alway soooo much cheaper.

  7. What a cute idea and the tree is adorable! Love it! Good luck!

  8. They are sooo cool! Great ideas.
    Have a great night.

  9. I hope your tree wins because it's so creative. Love your jungle theme!


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