Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Belated Halloween!

Hope your Halloween was treaty and not tricky!

Baby Bee shared some sweet and sour Twizzlers with me.  
Hmmmm.....perhaps not an experience to be repeated.

Maybe that was her trick on me!

Well, proud mama that I am, I have to share her costume.

For some reason, she frequently dresses up as book characters.  In second grade she was Fancy Nancy, in third grade she was Laura Ingalls, and this year, she was............
can you guess??? 

Are you familiar with this book called Harry Potter?  (I know, I doubt it will get real big.  LOL)

Well, my little bee was 
Hermione Granger!

I put all kinds of tiny braids in her hair to make it crimpy and wild.  Poor girl did her homework (can you believe she had homework on Halloween - this teacher didn't assign any to her students) while I braided her hair.

Thanks to one of my Teacher Bee friends, her costume was complete with Gryffindor scarf and horcrux.

I hope your Halloween was as magical as ours was!
And thank you for buzzin' in!  
It's always a delight to see you have stopped by.


  1. She made a great Hermione! Happy Halloween!

  2. Your daughter looks sweet as Hermione! (And what is with the Halloween homework? My son had some too.)

  3. Oh, what a CUTE costume!! If only a was a kid again... Well, then again, who am I kidding? I'm still just a big kid at heart! LOVE the books, and the movies, so I absolutely love the costume! Hope "Baby Bee" got lots of Halloween candy and goodies, and lots of Happy Halloween wishes to you both! ~tina

  4. She's gorgeous! Looks just like she walked out of a Harry Potter book.

  5. She made a perfect Hermoine-a double for the star herself!

  6. She looks so cute and I am with you on the Twizzlers.

  7. Baby Bee is so cute! I love candy myself :)

  8. She is darling...Homework on Halloween, that is a trick indeed.

  9. Baby Bee looks like a star! I hope she had a fun time.

  10. Too cute! BTW, did you know you won my October blog giveaway?! Stop by for the details, OK?


  11. Really cute!

    Trick or Treating is so magical; I love it when people decorate their front steps and garden walkway. Next year I will try to photograph the magic on Halloween Night!

    Thanks for buzzing in to CCL recently!

  12. My children also had Halloween H.W., I love their teachers but it's a shame they couldn't get a pass just to be children every once in a while. Your daughters costume is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  13. How lovely her costume was, I bet she had a ball wearing it! When I took the children trick or treating, we bumped into a "Harry Potter" who looked exactly like a young Harry as he appeared in the first film. My daughter told him how great he looked, and how convincing his appearance was. He then looked up, and in a perfect Harry Potter British accent said, "That's very kind of you, I get that alot." It was so funny, because his look was so perfect, we didn't expect him to have the accent as well. :)


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