Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vintage School Finds

There's a definite advantage to finding vintage school items when you are a teacher --- especially when a teacher at your site retires.  

(You know us teachers, we can't hardly bare to throw anything away just in case we might need it some day.)

So imagine my delight when I found this box filled with some great old school items.  
Filled with.....vintage sentence builders,

U.S. Flash Cards (from Milton Bradley),
 a Holey Card for division facts (I have no idea how this might have worked),
 a box of 153 science experiments,
 2 sets of geography cards (both from Milton Bradley)
 syllable flip cards,
 Quizmo game set (do you know this one?)
 metric and fraction dominoes,
 more sentence builder sets,
 and a set of word prefixes and word suffixes cards.  (I happen to be teaching prefixes this week and suffixes next week).

So now I need your opinion.

Do you think I should sell these on etsy or ebay?  Is there any demand for them?
Most of these are from the 60s and 70s - do they make you nostalgic for your good old school days?

Well, please let me know what you think.

Thanks for buzzing in for a visit!
We're laying off the caffeine tonight, but I'll make you a peppermint hot chocolate if you want......with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and crushed peppermints......c'mon......I know you want one.

With honey,

And, of course, I have to party over with Colorado Lady for


  1. What a treasured find. Makes me wish I were back at school, well almost! ;)
    The homeschool mom in me, would have been thrilled to come across these useful items for my children.

  2. oooh- what to do with them?!
    You coulcd probably sell them, but I would take a little time and look around for a cool place to sell them- not ebay.
    Ebay might be a great barometer, though.
    Best of luck with them- pretty cool stuff!

  3. Peppermint hot chocolate PLEASE. The vintage school finds.... oh my. I volunteer in a first grade class and LOVE them all. My daughter in law teaches third grade and would love these.

  4. How fun! I know folks would love to get their hands on any of those items... it seems like anything with words is very popular!


    PS and yes, I'll take one of those hot chocolates with the works :)

  5. What great vintage finds! Although I love etsy, I have better luck selling things on ebay.

  6. The holey division card: you put a piece of paper underneath it and write your answers where the holes are. I don't remember if the answers are on the back or not, but it might flip over and place over your written answers and you can check if they are the same...

  7. How sweet...there are probably some vintage lovers out there that would love to take these off your hands. I'd try Ebay!


  8. Sweet Bee - I am so envious of those great flashcards and words! Awesome. I think other like minded folks like us would love them! Just my opinion though. (or you could always just pass em on to me - wink, wink!)

  9. That teacher taught a long time, didn't she!!!! I retired and passed on all my things to the grandchildren who are being homeschooled. I'm sure there must be a market for those things, I'm just not sure where.

  10. What fun finds you came across. And also Thank You for stopping by for a visit this evening. Have a great weekend.....Julian

  11. I'm a homeschooling mommy who loves to use and display vintage items. You found TREASURES!

    I would love to buy some of your items. Would I be bold in asking you consider that before putting them online? :) I'll understand if you can't.

    mommamindy@msn.com Thanks!

  12. Oh I love vintage papers! These are some great finds!!

  13. These are really great! I am sure you could sell them, but I would think someone would use them in craft projects and how sad is that! What a find!! Happy VTT!

  14. You were lucky to find such vintage school treasures. Being a teacher, you will have a field day with them.

  15. Brings back memories... I worked with special needs in the 80's...we used those sentence builders back then.

  16. I love them and think they'd do real well on Etsy if you won't be using them. They're great for altered art projects and I use similar game pieces as price tags. Great finds.

  17. I would keep them myself, great for projects. They seem pretty special. Maybe think on it awhile, you might end up selling some and keeping your favorites


  18. Sweet Bee, I will take the chocolate. Thanks so much. Wouldn't it be interesting to experiment with the aids to see if their effective with your current students.
    Newer is not always better. I am not sure if it would be legal but I bet the kids would think it was fun.
    Don't know about the marketability>
    Hugs, Ginger

  19. Hi Sweet Bee,
    I would sit on this stuff for a while, maybe use it school for fun - to surprise and inspire the kids with how their (grand)parents were taught in the'60s, '70s. Teaching methods are so different and computerized these days.
    If you have not used it afte a year I would sell it ..
    Happy weekend!

  20. Those look so much fun! I agree with the other homeschooling mom who commented - I'd save something like that to use with my own kiddos.


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