Monday, November 21, 2011

A Little Fluffing (or Should I Call It Buzzing?)

I planned to start painting furniture today......

but I woke up to this......

(Baby Bee wants to invite her BFF over for some raking - I'm all for it!)

Oh dear!  So many MORE leaves to come down.

So, it's way too damp to paint, which is just as well because I haven't fully decided on which color to paint the corner cabinet.  
Still leaning towards a blue cabinet with a white interior.

This is our hallway.

See? It's foggy out of the bathroom window too.)
Don't you think we need a pop of color in there?  The walls are yellow (which they might not stay for too much longer) and I have one wall of doors and then white shelves and white framed photos along the other walls between all the doors. 
Frankly, I think it's just begging for something bright and different!

This is a sampling of the colors I'm thinking about.  The colors aren't coming out very well in my photos.  Sorry.

And now I have another project.....

This dresser is from my mom.  It's very well made and is about 40-50 years old.  We had intended to use it to replace our dresser.  But when we got it in the room, it just didn't work and didn't have more drawer space then the one we have now.  
This is the one we have now.  All black doesn't photograph that well on a foggy day.

And frankly, I really like the looks of the one we have now.  (It may not be made very well, but it looks good - how shallow am I?)

So, as we were moving my mom's back out to the garage and lamenting that it wouldn't work, I said to Worker Bee, well.......we could try it as a sofa table.  (Our current sofa table looks very nice, but it doesn't have a lot of storage room.  Okay, it's wimpy.  I said it.)

And, imagine our surprise when it fit perfectly!  And Worker Bee's and my eyes danced with the storage possibilities!
Plus, we are a family of couch floppers and every time we flopped I worried about the wimpy sofa table falling over and taking with it all the pretties I have on top of it.  This is much more sturdy!

But now, I have to paint it and definitely change the hardware.

But what color?

I love so many stinkin' colors.

Here are some pictures so you can see what our living room looks like and the colors we have.
Our wall colors are antique white.
Please ignore, no I mean it, just ignore the seat cushion sticking out on the left.  You looked didn't you! 

Definitely lots of blue and red and white.

I would definitely do blue, but it's right up against our denim loveseat.  Too much blue.  

White would be nice, but I have a lot of white already with the huge armoire and all the bookcases being white (although their backs are all painted different colors).

You know I love red, but I can't imagine the heart shaped table any other color than red and that would be too much red right next to each other.
See the heart shaped table on the left?

So.....I said green to Worker Bee.  He thinks that it is too big a piece of furniture to be painted such a whimsical color as green.  (I might have said jadeite green or apple green and I think that's what turned him off.)  But now I'm also thinking maybe turquoise (and by turquoise I really mean AQUA)?  I know it's really really  - no I mean REALLY - popular right now, but I think it might work with all the other colors we have going on.  

Mustard might be a possibility too.  
(Baby Bee flat out rejects that color, but she's not the boss of me.)

Just as well it's too damp to paint today.  I can't make any decisions.

So what pop of color do YOU think I should use?

(Just know that Worker Bee has to agree with it, but your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.)

And, diva that I am, I don't like orange or purple (although I wear those colors, I don't want them on my furniture).

Thanks for buzzing by!  I'm making homemade pumpkin spice lattes today.  It'll warm your tummy.

P.S.  Did you notice that I don't have out any Thanksgiving decorations?  Well, Halloween and Thanksgiving got short shrift at Sweet Bee Cottage this year.  But we are completely and fully ready for the onslaught of Christmas.  Hey!  Maybe that's what we can do today instead of paint.  We can start decorating for Christmas!


  1. I think turquoise wouldn't read well against the blue couch? Black? Your current dresser looks good in black. Or maybe sand and stain closer to your floor stain color and change out the hardware? Just thoughts...

  2. I say red and I'm sticking to it, heart table and everything :)

  3. What a great use for the dresser ~ it looks like a really good piece of furniture. I still like the idea of red myself, even though the table next to it is red. You could easily balance it out with a little red in the opposite corner - a pillow, funky lamp or something.

  4. I say red or black. What a great sofa table though!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. I love duck egg blue and it goes so well with red.

  6. So much going on in your ADORABLE, cozy house, my friend! So glad you found a use for that wonderful dresser, or I would have offered to take it off of your hands! (looking for something just like that!) It looks great there!

    Whatever colors you end up choosing, they'll look cheerful & perfectly perfect, just like everything else...I can see there's a lot of love in your cheerful home!

    Have a beautiful night, my friend...


  7. Black!!! It would go with anything, and a lot of American country furniture is black. It's a very nice piece.

  8. I think the mustard would look perfect against the couches blue.
    Or red.
    You have so many collors in your room to chose from, but those are my favorites.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. I say red too. You can never have too much red in my humble opinion. Turquoise is my second choice even though I am not the boss of you.

  10. Well, how about a soft cream, with red accents?????? Red handles, maybe a red top???? Any one color is going to shout that my think maybe your two tome approach again....:) GREAT idea by the way....all tha storage!

  11. I vote for white or cream with some red handles and some distressing. It will look awesome with the rest of your colors!

  12. Your house looks so warm and cozy and I like that you use a lot of color. Using the dresser as a sofa table is brilliant!


  13. First choice, mustard. Second choice red. However, whatever color you choose, I know it will look wonderful!

  14. I'm sitting here laughing at this one... I can hear you in my mind saying all of this without taking a breath! Ha!

    Seriously... I LOVE painted furniture and as I was reading about your dresser turned sofa table my first thought was RED... but then you shot me down. I do love aqua though... I've been incorporating a lot of it into my rooms... not a bright aqua though more "dusty"... perhaps a nice aqua with some distressing and a bit of antique-y-ness would look good? But of course to be wishy-washy... I do like the idea of mustard that some have said before me... it would look fabulous with what you already have going....

    Whew, happy painting!

  15. Sorry baby bee, I was going to suggest mustard. You know that I love aqua with red. I painted my island that last year. It might go just fine against your other blue. Still leaning towards mustard. I like your black dresser. Kindof reminds me of me. Not built too well (especially in my older chubby years), but kindof cute. Lol! At least my hubby thinks so. The corner cupboard will look great painted blue with your yellow walls. Have fun whatever you do. Sounds like alot of work.

  16. great shot of leafs! my leafs are from a public garden so i have no work with it :)

  17. Sweet Bee - just catching up on older posts. I love your room. It looks so cozy. Having fun seeing all of your projects and decorations!


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