Sunday, November 13, 2011

Soup Day

It rained here this weekend, so Baby Bee and I decided to make soup.  And by make soup, I mean we made batches and batches of soup.  (Technically, I should say batch, batch, batch, batch, and batch.  But doesn't batches and batches sound better?)

We started off with an easy one and doubled it!  We made Cheddar Broccoli Soup from this cookbook....
It's so easy and yummy!  But, having this tool makes it so much easier to make.  
After cooking the broccoli, I just plug this little red hot baby in and it purees all of the broccoli.  (Baby Bee took charge of this job and frankly, she did a better job than I usually do.  I think she enjoyed it so much because it was almost like playing!)

Then we tackled Italian Vegetable Soup from one of my prettiest cookbooks.
The photographs in this one are so inviting.  I love it's "twin" cookbook too - Gooseberry Patch Get Togethers.

In fact, we're having that one for dinner tonight along with some French bread I'm sprinkling fresh grated Parmesan cheese on and then broiling it.  
So yummy!

After that, we made Baby Bee's Favorite Soup - Clam Chowder.  It's also from my Williams-Sonoma Soups cookbook.  
I've had to adapt the original recipe to use canned clams (please don't let Chuck Williams know - he might not ever let me shop in his stores again).  I promise to share that recipe with you soon.  But, I didn't take pictures so it will have to wait for another day.

The next on our list was the Chicken Tortilla Soup from my latest cookbook.  
We followed the recipe exactly and this moved up into Baby Bee's Top 5 soup recipes!  Another easy and delicious recipe!

And finally, we tackled Susan Branch's Corn Chowder recipe again.  
Soooooooooo yummy!  

Now you might be asking, what are those Sweet Bee's going to do with all those batches of soup?

Well, we're going to save them for a rainy day - literally!  (Or more likely for a busy weeknight when I don't have time to cook, but Worker Bee or Baby Bee could heat the soups up on the stove.)  

Thank you Deep Freezie!  
Ummm.....this is NOT a picture of our freezer - just in case you were wondering.  Ours is filled with muffins and croissants from Costco and - drum roll - frozen soup!

You help keep us supplied with nutritious and delicious homemade meals! 
(Should I be admitting in a public forum that I nickname everything?  Including my appliances???)

Now.....which soup would you like to enjoy with us?  
I'm pretty sure we could fit another bowl on the table for you.

Thanks so much for buzzing by and for your kind comments.  It's such a delight to see you've dropped in for a visit!


  1. That corn chowder sounds fabulous... especially if it has bacon it in ;)

    I love to make soup on a Sunday so that I have lunch for the whole week!


  2. There are a couple of soups you mentioned that I would love to give a try and your right the weather is perfect for it! Patty

  3. I'll have a bowl of veggie soup and share some of my pumpkin bread and tea with you! :)

  4. Hands down, I would choose the lovely Chicken Tortilla soup. That and your French bread...devine!
    I'm so in the mood for soup right now, even though our temperature today was about 80 degrees. ;)
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. It sounds like you and Baby Bee had a great time in the kitchen this weekend.
    I made a Panera Bread broccoli cheese soup copy on Sunday that I found on Interest. I wish I has the immersion blender like you guys do.
    I'll have to check out the recipes for the other soups you made.
    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy....

  6. I am admiring your cookbooks. I'm a soup person, and all your soups sound so delicious. We have fresh broccoli growing in our garden. I made some broccoli cheese soup last week that was really good. You are so clever to make your soups and freeze them!

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...this is the 1st time I've visited yours and I will have to put you on my favorites, so I can come back again! Love all the talk about soups and Baby Bee! How old is Baby Bee?

  8. Oh that looks sooo yummy!!! Your page is so cute! :)

    Thank you for stopping by my page and leaving a comment. :) Take care and have a wonderful night!


  9. That corn chowder looks so delicious! I'm surprised I didn't smell all the soup cooking from my house!


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