Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Now I know our cold can't compare to the bone chilling cold of the snow and wind chill that much of the rest of the country feels, but it's still cold here due to the fog that comes and moves in like that Mucinex commercial.  It permeates everything!  Even our newspaper is soaked in the morning from what Worker Bee and I call "fog drip."

So, even though we don't get snow, I thought it would be fun to make a little banner to decorate our kitchen nook.  I do a little "cold" decorating for the month of January before the red and pink of Valentine's Day.  I'll show you more of my "brrrr" decor on another post.  I'm hoping for a little sunshine soon....

First, get out your beloved Cricut....

I used two cartridges - Mini Monograms and Doodletype.  (Did I mention that ebay is a fantastic place to buy Cricut cartridges?  I bought three cartridges for about what one costs in a retail store!)

After I cut out the letters I applied glue to them and then...

glitterfied them.

Love the glitter trays I bought at Michaels from the MS line.  Here they are all ready to assemble...

I used some silver tinsel glitter I bought for like $0.25 at Joann's last Christmas to string them on.

Can you see how foggy and gray it is outside?  That's how it's been for days!  I miss you sun!
At least it's warm and cozy inside and there's always a latte waiting to be made...

I'm linking up for the first time at Cottage Instincts for Make It Monday! So if you're coming by from that sweet blog- WELCOME!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  Love to see you!


  1. Learn something new everyday...this is the frist time I've heard of a cricut...looks like I may have to put this on my wish list for next year!

  2. What a cute banner. I love it. I know the cold feeling. We still have a little snow in places on our property. Today looked beautiful but it is just the wind that took the clouds away. I think it is funny when I tell people I live in Southern Cali and have snow. They have a hard time believing me.

  3. LOVE the banner! We lived in Western WA for a few years and I remember what that damp, foggy cold felt like. Now we're in COLD Nebraska and BABY, IT"S COLD OUTSIDE, lol.


  4. What a fun fun quick project! I had a Cricket and took it back....I know dumb!. But I had it for over a year and never opened it. Maybe I will find on at a garage sale....wishful thinking! :) I do have a Slice tho, that I just got, I am going to dive it a try! :)

  5. That project turned out great. You are so very creative.



  6. Very cool! I think I "need" one of those cricket machines! Thanks for stopping by tonight....hubby still at work...sanding...oh my goodness. Definitely keep checking craigslist! Love your blog background too!


  7. How cute is that banner! I'm so jealous of your cricut...I want one:{ I'll be anxious to see more of your cricut projects! Thanks for dropping by! ~Lisa

  8. How cute is that?! I've been wondering about the cricut. Michael's had a sale on the cartridges on Thanksgiving and people were going after them like gold! So my curiosity was up. Thanks for sharing your project!

  9. Charming in central Massachusetts we have snow on the ground and it is cold!

  10. Charming in central Massachusetts we have snow on the ground and it is cold!

  11. What a cute banner, I've always regretted not making one for my kid's birthday parties when they were little. Now maybe I'll do something like this. Thanks for sharing, it's super cute!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  12. I am so glad that you came over!!
    And I love this winter banner.

    I think I am the only one without a CriCut!!!


  13. Wish I could come sit down and enjoy your new banner with a cup of latte!

  14. So cute. I love winter decorations that you don't have to take down after Christmas.

  15. That looks great! I've wanted a cricut for a long time. One of these days I need to break down and get one.


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